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4 reasons to visit Dermapure this fall!

September 26, 2018


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A visit to Dermapure is a must-do for every change of season! While fall settles in, discover why a little detour here is a beauty must!

1) Chase the spots away!

BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION # 1 – Photorejuvenation

The pulsed light platforms used at Dermapure make it possible to correct complexion imperfections, such as pigmentation, that have been caused or accentuated by the summer sun. An additional benefit is that Photorejuvenation treatment reduces vascular conditions such as couperose and rosacea, all within the same session.

All pulsed light treatments tend to weaken the skin. Because of this, we recommend that you come for your IPL treatments from the beginning of fall until the end of winter while the sun is not as strong. Aside from protecting the skin, it also prevents sunspots from reappearing.

Because the skin of the face, neck and décolleté is more sensitive to UV exposure, intense pulsed light treatment at Dermapure can be very beneficial. The back and hands are also popular treatment areas.


2) Say Goodbye to unwanted hair! Once again, the perfect time for this treatment is during the fall due to the weak sun exposure.

BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION # 2 – Permanent hair removal

When a living hair absorbs the pulsed light, the light is transformed into heat that destroys the follicle and prevents the hair from growing back.

All areas of the body and face that have hair can be treated with our permanent hair removal technologies at Dermapure. The most common areas include underarms, bikini, legs (half or full), arms and upper lip. For our male clients, popular treatment areas include the chest, back and beard. One or more areas can be treated during the same session.
Depending on the technology used, 6 to 10 consecutive treatments may be necessary to eliminate hair completely.


3) A bright complexion goal!

BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION # 3 – Glycolic Acid Peel

Cleanse your skin of impurities built up during the summer!

A glycolic acid peel is a rejuvenation procedure that chemically exfoliates a thin outer layer of dead skin cells. The procedure reduces the appearance of skin imperfections and discolouration for a more radiant, glowing complexion. The use of natural glycolic acid in different concentrations also allows penetration deep into the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. Glycolic peels can also help prevent acne breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria.

You can experience all the benefits of the glycolic acid peel in just one 30 minute Dermapure visit! Ideally this treatment should be done at each change of season… why not during your lunch break?


4) The products to adopt!

BEAUTY PRESCRIPTION # 4 – Specialized cosmeceuticals!

Maintaining your skin’s beauty is not just achieved with specialized treatments, but also with the right skin care products. With the cold weather on our doorstep, now is the time to choose products that offer excellent hydration! It’s time to reload yourself with Functionalab science-based skin care products!

Our exclusive Functionalab line combines powerful nutricosmetics and topical products based on in-depth scientific research. Masks, day or night creams, body moisturizer, serums… we have everything for every skin condition!
If you are not comfortable choosing the right products for your skin type, visit one of the Dermapure clinics! Our skin professionals will be pleased to offer you the best advice to help you keep your skin young and healthy!


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Fall has officially begun! There are many good reasons for maintaining your skin on a daily basis. Whether it is through treatments or products, at Dermapure we ensure that you have the best for you. Don’t wait too long to prepare your skin for the change of season!

Looking forward to meeting you in clinic!

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