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4 ways to relieve stress

April 14, 2020


relieve stress

April is Stress Awareness Month, and the last few weeks have been quite a challenge for our life balance and well-being!

Between the busy days, the heavy mental load and the concern about the global situation, stress was and still is present for many of us. When we know that stress is responsible for many illnesses and that it accelerates the skin aging process, we have everything to learn from the best tips to reduce it as much as possible… Do you know what they are?

Stress in a nutshell

It causes a set of reactions… for our own good!
Its purpose is to make us react to danger in a way that protects us and ensures our survival.

There are as many stressful situations as there are individuals.
While threatening situations were limited to the Neanderthal era, today there are many circumstances that emit the same “danger attention” receptors as in the Neanderthal era, in our bodies and emotions.

It is of all kinds.
Acute, chronic, intense, post-traumatic, and even “good” stress. It is present at all ages, in all circumstances and influences the functioning of our body. It is therefore essential to properly identify it in order to manage it as well as possible.

It causes many physical and emotional changes.
Secretion of specific hormones (endorphins and cortisol in particular), increased heart rate, sleep disorders, headaches: its impact on our body is no longer justified!

1) Do the right things to cope with stressors

Here are 3 essential elements to provide our body with the strength and resilience it needs to best manage stressful situations:

• Adopt good lifestyle habits, such as a healthy and balanced diet, to feel less tired and have more energy.
• Enjoy a good night’s sleep and ensure adequate rest, according to your needs.
• Engage in physical activity and leisure activities that promote fun and relaxation.

2) Take a moment for yourself

Nothing is better than a few minutes of meditation – practiced regularly – to reduce stress levels and anxiety disorders:

• Settle through deep breaths – inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds.
• Visualize what you aspire to or what relaxes and soothes you.
• Take yoga and meditation classes in real or virtual class to reap their full benefits.

3) Exercise

• Stimulate the production of dopamine, the hormone of pleasure and alertness, which reduces the feeling of tiredness.
• Release endorphins, for an increased feeling of well-being.
• Increase energy levels and sense of accomplishment.
• Discover a new passion and take your mind off things! Running, pilates, Zumba, team sports… what will be your next hobby?

4) Giving yourself a gentle care routine at home

• Cleanse the skin morning and evening with a suitable cleanser to remove all traces of make-up and other impurities.
• Apply a serum that meets the specific needs of the skin thanks to its powerful active ingredients.
• Apply a moisturizing cream adapted to the condition of the skin, such as Youth Solution anti-aging Cream or Intense Hydration anti-aging Cream.
• Use a mineral sunscreen, no matter what the weather looks like!
Exfoliate your face once or twice a week to remove dead cells, allow the skin to oxygenate and give cosmeceutical products better penetration and action.

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