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Celebrate self-love in 3 steps

February 11, 2020


Fêter l’amour de soi en 3 temps

With work and family life moving faster than ever, there’s often little time left to take care of ourselves. During this month of love, let’s make our needs and desires a priority and take a moment to appreciate the mothers, sisters, friends and especially the women we are.

Discover how to show yourself some love and be the best version of you in 3 easy tips !

1 | Establish a beauty routine

There’s nothing like a beauty routine to pamper yourself into feeling great! To start your day with a smile, give your skin a few minutes in the morning and evening and you’ll look beautiful and healthy.

Beauty routine tip :
1. Cleanse your face with Functionalab Moisturizing Cleanser and Toner Gel or Milk.

2. Apply a Functionalab serum custom-made for you, making sure the product is well-absorbed and your skin is dry.

3. Moisturize your skin with a Functionalab cream. Our Intense Hydration Anti-Aging Cream is particularly popular.

4. Protect yourself from the sun! As UV rays are responsible for 70% of skin aging, it’s essential to wear a mineral sunscreen every day.

2 | Take a moment for a free consultation with our skin experts

Our daily routine often makes us put our needs on the back burner. But it’s important to take care of our skin to prevent the signs of skin aging. Why not make an appointment with one of our experienced consultants ? Right from the start, Dermapure professionals will accompany you on your beauty journey according to your goals, priorities and unique needs !

3 | Train your skin to stay healthy and beautiful

Feeling good inside and out helps us feel confident and secure. We often think about toning our body muscles with specific exercises, but too often we neglect to tighten our skin! To tone our skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, opt for the Gym for Your Skin :

Thermage® : the #1 choice for prevention
The radiofrequency-based thermal energy of this treatment heats the deep layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen, which slows down the appearance of the signs of skin aging.

The secret to optimal results : treat yourself to Thermage® every year and top it off with Ulthera® every two years !

Ulthera® : the world-renowned tightening effect
This non-invasive ultrasound-based technology visibly tightens and firms sagging tissue. This technology creates thousands of tiny attachment points in the facial skin structure. It provides natural results and is particularly effective for the contour of the face, eyebrows, neck and décolleté.

The secret to maximum tightening effect : undergo 4 sessions per year of Venus FreezeTM/LegacyTM to maintain results year-round and continuously stimulate collagen production.

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