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What is it?

Acne is caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous glands which, when clogged, increase the proliferation of the bacteria Propionibacterium Acnes, causing skin eruptions. Acne can last for several months or even years and affect both teenagers and adults.

Did you know?

50% of people with acne have a genetic predisposition to it!

What are the causes?

There are multiple causes of acne, notably the following main contributors:

Hormonal fluctuations

Hormonal changes, whether they occur in adolescence or adulthood, are a breeding ground for the onset or aggravation of acne. An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels, among other things, accentuates the appearance of the sign of acne.


Although heredity is not considered to be the only factor explaining the onset of acne, it plays an important role in it. Indeed, the risk of suffering from acne is five times higher when both parents have also been affected.

Cosmetic products

Some facial and hair products and makeup can promote acne, especially when they contain oily ingredients, such as silicon or are not suited to your skin type.


Several medications can exacerbate the problem, such as corticosteroids and certain antiepileptics, immunosuppressants and mood regulators.


Stress can cause and aggravate acne problems, as it increases the production of cortisol, adrenal androgens and insulin – hormones that influence the behaviour of the sebaceous glands and the production of sebum.

How to prevent?

Good skin hygiene

Following good, basic practices such as removing makeup, gently and properly cleaning the skin with alcohol-free products and moisturizing it with quality products adapted to your skin type effectively prevents the appearance of the signs of acne.
These topical products should be non-comedogenic – sometimes labelled as “oil-free” or “non-acnegenic”.

Responsible medication

While it is always a priority to benefit from medication adapted to our health condition, it is also important to be aware that some medications can affect the health and appearance of the skin. Among the drugs that can influence acne, contraceptive pills must be considered in the analysis of the problem. In addition, prescribed or over-the-counter medications, as well as other occasional medications, can positively or negatively affect the condition of the skin. It is important to always validate medication with your doctor.

Adequate nutrition

It is important to adopt healthy eating habits to promote good skin health. Choosing a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes, omega-3, fibre and limiting the consumption of dairy products and refined sugars helps to hinder the development of acne.

How to treat?


Pulsed light (Acne)

With a precise wavelength, rigorously selected according to the problem to be treated, pulsed light can also effectively destroy the bacteria responsible for acne, reduce inflammation and resorb nodules. The therapeutic action delivered by light is safe and proven to be effective in the treatment of acne as an alternative to oral antibiotics.

traitement acné

Glycolic peel

The glycolic acid used in glycolic peeling is a derivative of fruit acid and works on the surface to dissolve dead cells, as well as on a deeper level to effectively tighten pores. It exfoliates the skin and thus helps to prevent acne flare-ups. The skin is smoother and more permeable to complementary cosmeceuticals as suggested in the treatment plan.

condition acné


An exfoliating treatment, microdermabrasion mechanically removes dead cells from the skin’s surface using diamond crystals. New cells are exposed on the surface and the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. The skin is more permeable to cosmeceuticals and is visibly regenerated. Pores are tightened, skin texture is refined and the complexion is radiant.

Compatible products

FUNCTIONALAB Glycolic Acid – Lotion 10%

Lotion 10% pour les pores dilatés

The synergistic action of glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliates the skin while reducing irritation and dryness. Excellent product for skin with acnegenic tendencies, it accelerates cell renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the condition of elastin fibres in the dermis. When used regularly, 10% glycolic acid lotion reduces the appearance of wrinkles, refines skin texture and improves radiance.

FUNCTIONALAB Glycolic Acid – Night Cream 5%

Crème de nuit 5%

This complex of glycolic acid and botanical ingredients has a light and smoothing exfoliating action on the skin. Used regularly, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, refines the skin’s texture and improves its radiance. This formula contains three soothing ingredients: Calmosensine™, which stimulates the release of endorphins to create a soothing and relaxing effect, allantoin, which reduces irritation and promotes skin cell renewal, and bisabolol, which imparts a soothing effect.

FUNCTIONALAB Purifying cleanser and tonic – Foam Cleanser

Nettoyant mousse pour les pores dilatés

This fresh, soap-free cleanser for the face and eyes gently and effectively removes makeup and cleanses without damaging the skin barrier. Its formulation offers astringent and antibacterial actions to combat dilated and/or clogged pores while normalizing sebum production. The skin remains soft without any tightening effect and its pH is balanced and prepared for day or night care. It even revitalizes eyelashes and eyebrows!

FUNCTIONALAB Glycolic Acid – Mask 5%

Masque à l'acide Glycolique pour les pores dilatés

The Glycolic Acid – Mask 5% is a product that deeply cleanses the skin, tightens pores, refines texture and prevents blackheads. Two natural clays, kaolin (white clay) and montmorillonite (green clay) have a detoxifying and firming effect on the skin.


Masque detox pour la rosacée

This non-drying, detoxifying mask contains a unique blend of kaolin, Mediterranean illite, powerful antioxidants, cranberry seed oil and green tea extract and emblica. This mask deeply cleanses the pores of the skin, draws out impurities, offers antioxidant protection and improves skin hydration. Detoxified and soothed, skin instantly becomes more radiant, youthful-looking and healthier.

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