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Fine and/or sparse lashes

What is it?

Like hair, the appearance of our lashes – their length, colour, volume and density – depends largely on our genetics. But that also changes over the course of our lives!

Did you know?

The life span of our eyelashes is three to five months. They protect our eyes from dust, rain, wind, UV rays and perspiration and they are constantly in a state of renewal.

What are the causes?

Certain factors and bad habits weaken our lashes, increase their fallout rate and affect their growth.

Poor care habits

Complete makeup removal and effective cleansing are often part of our beauty routine since it is when skin is purified and toned that it regenerates best and displays a beautiful healthy appearance. However, eyes and eyelashes are often subjected to a lack of tender loving care. When we rub our eyelashes ¬– by reflex or to remove persistent makeup – we weaken them and accelerate their fallout. Over time, they may become less dense and thinner.


In addition to affecting the production of hormones – especially cortisol – stress causes poor vascularization of the hair bulb, which leads to a lack of essential elements for the regeneration of lashes and even hair. The structure and growth of the lashes are then weakened, making them thinner and more vulnerable to external aggressors such as dust and UV rays.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes during pregnancy or perimenopause have an important influence on eyelashes and hair, since they modify the metabolic structure of the cells. In addition, some hormonal disorders can cause lash loss while producing cold intolerance and dryness of the skin – such as hypothyroidism. Eyelashes and eyebrows become thinner and more brittle.

Certain conditions

Some conditions can lead to hypotrichosis – a stop in the growth of eyelashes, to madarosis – an absence or loss of eyelashes, or to alopecia – a partial or total loss of lashes and/or hair. In addition, some treatments such as chemotherapy can also cause lash and hair loss.

How to prevent?

Delicate but effective makeup removal

There’s no need to rub lashes vigorously to remove makeup. Actually, rubbing only increases their fragility. It is, however, essential to clean the skin properly in order to promote cell renewal. To benefit from effective yet gentle makeup removal, simply apply a cotton pad dampened with makeup remover to the eyes and let it work for about ten seconds before swiping it over the outside of the eye.

Healthy eating

A balanced diet benefits the entire body by promoting good cell function, supporting the immune system and contributing to healthy skin. In addition, a healthy diet strengthens hair and eyelashes all the more because it is rich in vitamins A, B and E as well as omega-3.

How to treat?

Woman who has used a Rosacea treatment


A 0.03% topical solution of bimatoprost.

Compatible products

Micellaire Solution

Solution eau micellaire

Micellar Solution is a soap- and alcohol-free cleanser that instantly revives and refreshes the skin while removing even water-resistant makeup. It removes impurities from the skin’s surface without any irritation to deliver a toned and revitalized complexion and bright and luminous skin. Its formula, adapted to the physiological pH, provides a complete and gentle cleansing that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and the delicate eye area.

Gel Cleanser and Toner

Nettoyant tonique

This fresh, soap-free gel cleanser for the face and eyes gently removes makeup and cleanses the face without damaging the skin barrier so skin remains soft without any tightening effect. Gentle on the eyes, it effectively removes makeup while revitalizing lashes and brows. It also balances the skin’s pH and prepares it for day or night care.

Produits Functionalab

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