Concern : Rosacea and couperosis


Dermapure has selected intense pulsed light technology platforms that help correct complexion imperfections such as pigment spots caused or heightened by exposure to sunlight and which also diminish the appearance of certain vascular problems such as couperosis and rosacea—all in a single session. Since skin on the face, neck and décolleté is more susceptible to UV exposure, intense pulse light treatments can be very beneficial. The back and hands are also popular treatment areas.

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Oxygen Serum Infusion

Oxygen Serum Infusion is perfect for deep-down skin hydration and rejuvenation. Slightly pressurized oxygen assists the delivery and diffusion of active ingredients inside the high-end serums to instantly soften visible signs of aging and improve natural hydration of the skin’s deeper layers. Whether it’s to plump sagging facial skin, moisturize dry hands or pamper the lower neck area, Oxygen Serum Infusion is your perfect solution.

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