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Consultations : they are made for me

June 12, 2020


Consultations : they are made for me

By phone, in person, or virtually : professional advice from our skin experts has never been so accessible! No matter what your beauty concerns are, we can help you on your journey to healthy, beautiful skin.

Discover our 3 step consultations!

1. Personalized Plan

What could be better than receiving professional and personalized advice that perfectly meets your needs and concerns?
Thanks to our experienced consultants, you will learn about the best solutions to treat your skin condition. From rosacea to cellulite to wrinkles and sagging skin, our innovative treatments hold no secrets for our team!

We are committed to continuous training and passionate about the medical-aesthetic field. Together with you, we evaluate your real needs and advise you on the appropriate treatments and products, while answering all your questions with kindness and honesty.

2. Complete Confidentiality

It is with empathy, respect and honesty that we like to share this precious time with you. As we are naturally fond of our clients and have their well-being at heart, we love to accompany you on your health and beauty journey just as we are: altruistic, understanding and discreet. With us, you don’t have to worry, trust is always there!

3. Dermapure Experience

We build a caring, supportive relationship with each of our clients. Our availability and ability to listen allow us to offer you a choice of consultation type: by telephone or video in the comfort of your home or in person at your clinic. You choose the time that is convenient for your consultation.

Plus, since our consultations are essential to better understand your skin needs and to understand which treatment is right for you, they are always complimentary. Contact us to begin your journey to healthy and beautiful skin, or to simply make a change to your skincare routine!

There are no more reasons to delay your personalized consultation : make an appointment by calling 1 877 252 0293 or online, and let us take care of you!

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