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From coast to coast: six new locations in Canada for Dermapure Beauport | Calgary | Toronto | Kelowna | Vancouver | Richmond

November 4, 2019


Experte Dermapure

While Quebec based medical-aesthetic company Dermapure has been successfully pursuing its expansion in the Canadian market for more than 10 years, 2019 will undoubtedly mark the most important year in its history.

Five major partnerships – in four different provinces – have added six new locations in Canada. Dermapure is now proud to be in Calgary, Toronto, Kelowna and Beauport, while Project Skin®, in Vancouver and Richmond, British Columbia, is also joining the group. “The Project Skin® brand has an enviable reputation in Western Canada and we are eager to grow this second division to serve the various market segments,” says Marilyne Gagné, President and Founder of Dermapure. She adds: “We are truly fortunate that the best doctors, dermatologists and surgeons in the industry trust us and want to join our group!”

With a network that now includes 15 clinics across the country, Dermapure is positioned as the Canadian leader in high-end aesthetic medicine. “We have built our reputation on our expertise, thorough protocols and a corporate culture that extends to all levels of our organization. With more than 225 employees, my number one mission is to ensure that our corporate culture shines through and spreads across Canada. We know that the level of happiness at work has a major impact on the way people are served in our clinics,” Ms. Gagné explains with passion.

Dermapure Philosophy

The company offers a wide range of medical aesthetic treatments to support its customers in achieving their health and beauty objectives. Through customized solutions and a holistic approach focused on natural results, Dermapure combines advanced technologies, topical products and nutritional supplements to prevent and counter the signs of skin aging on the face and body.

About Functionalab Group

Dermapure represents a subsidiary of the Functionalab Group, an innovator and brand developer in the beauty sector that focuses on two promising segments: aesthetic medicine services – with the Dermapure and Project Skin® clinics – and products – with the Functionalab and Jouviance brands. The group combines innovation and expertise in each of these two distribution networks.

Functionalab Group is, for the fourth consecutive year, on the annual Growth 500 list of the fastest growing companies in Canada and was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Grand Prize in 2016.

For more information on the group’s brands, visit:

For information or an interview:
Marilyne Gagné
President and Founder of Dermapure
[email protected]

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