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How to Build an Earth Minded Skin Care Routine

April 21, 2021


Produits Functionalab

It is easier than you think to build a skincare routine that keeps the health of our planet in mind.

This Earth Day, we want to share our top tips to achieve great skin in a sustainable way!

1 | Refresh and recycle

Most skincare items should not be used past one year from the date of opening, as exposure to air, bacteria and light can affect the cleanliness and efficacy of the product. 

Take a look through your beauty cabinet – is it time to toss a few items? The good news is, our Functionalab products are packaged using recyclable materials, making it easy for you to dispose of old products mindfully. 

2 | Choose products that multitask

Product powerhouses like our Functionalab CODE, will help you streamline your skin care products without compromising on results. 

Our CODE serum offers more than 18 different combinations based on the most innovative and clinically proven active ingredients, to offer the ideal solution for your unique skin needs. 

3 | Achieve more, with less!

We believe your skin care routine should be comprised of effective products that you use regularly because they offer noticeable benefits to your skin. That is why we focus on the Functionalab and SkinCeuticals brands at our Dermapure clinics. 

We offer complimentary skin care consultations at all our Dermapure clinics to help you determine which products are right for you. 

Contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today!

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