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How to Fight Cellulite Every Day

July 7, 2017



Over the course of their lives, most women, regardless of their age or weight, have or will have cellulite on their thighs, buttocks, stomach, or arms. Many of them are also looking for solutions to fight this unwanted phenomenon, which is primarily influenced by hormones and heredity.

Cellulite, often referred to as “orange peel skin,” can be improved by using various technologies or products, or by performing small, repeated gestures each day.

• Anti-cellulite creams: Topical products high in active ingredients – such as seaweed, essential grapeseed oils, silica, tretinoin, etc. – are available on the market to help improve the appearance of cellulite. We especially appreciate the body toning gel from Functionalab, which, thanks to its natural grapefruit and ginger extracts, activates the blood circulation and visibly reduces the “orange peel” effect without the sticky effect of the usual creams. That said, the use of these creams should always be combined with other suitable actions or treatments to optimize the results. To take full advantage of them, we recommended applying them by massaging the skin in a clockwise direction or using the “palpate-roll” technique, which involves kneading the skin and the subcutaneous tissues. These massages help activate the venous and lymphatic circulation to promote the elimination of fat.

• Anti-cellulite stretches: Cellulite can be caused by the water retention that occurs when the body ingests more water or liquids than it eliminates. To help the body rediscover a better balance, it’s possible to perform daily stretches that will lengthen the muscles and promote the drainage of bodily fluids. The appearance of the cellulite will therefore be mitigated, since it will be spread out over a larger area of the body.

• Anti-cellulite sports: Any sort of regular physical activity helps fight fat buildup. To reduce the appearance of cellulite, we recommend focusing on an athletic activity that uses the thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, or abdominal area. Swimming, Pilates, weight training, cycling, and water aerobics are just a few examples. These activities will promote the toning of the body, whether they’re practiced at home or at the gym!

• Anti-cellulite foods: To prevent and combat cellulite, it’s essential to adjust your diet by reducing your consumption of foods high in fat, sugar, and salt. By eating a controlled diet that includes energy intake through less caloric foods, it’s possible to considerably reduce the density of the fat cells. While integrating carbohydrates, fat, and protein so you don’t lose muscle mass, we recommend consuming anti-cellulite and diuretic foods such as papayas, parsley, peaches, avocados, melon, water, cider vinegar, garlic, soy, white meat, and turmeric.

• Medical-aesthetic treatments against cellulite: It’s possible to treat cellulite without surgery thanks to the latest technologies in cosmetic medicine. First of all, there’s the Venus FreezeTM / Venus LegacyTM treatment, which combines pulsed magnetic fields with multipolar radiofrequency waves that heat the skin from the inside to stimulate collagen production. At the end of the session, the skin’s appearance is visibly firmer and smoother. The Thermage® treatment is another solution that helps temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite in a single session, thanks to a technology based on unipolar radiofrequency.

Whether you choose professional treatments at a medical-aesthetic clinic or solutions that require your motivation and personal commitment, you’ll achieve results and the appearance of your cellulite will improve. All you have to do is choose the combination of options that suits you the best!

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