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Drain, Tone, Sculpt

Electone Calgary Chaparral


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Treatment & Technology

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Electone is a treatment that uses a brand-new generation of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. Conductive pads are placed on specific areas of the body and send deep pulses to the muscles. These stimulations cause contractions that simulate natural muscle movements. The device allows the speed and strength of the stimulation to be varied every minute and follows a specific program, depending on the pre-set objectives.

Depending on the objectives, Electone can be programmed in 3 distinct treatment modes:

1. DRAIN: Helps to reduce tissue congestion and water retention. This mode is often used during the first treatment(s), usually in the abdominal area. Many patients notice a pleasant feeling of lightness after the first session.

2. TONE: To tone the muscles and firm the skin. This mode allows you to obtain the results of several hours of training in a single session by creating the necessary reaction in the muscle to obtain a lifting or bulging effect. It is used, for example, to tone the stomach, to obtain a lifting effect on the buttocks or to shape the biceps or triceps.

3. SCULPT: This is the ideal mode when the objective is to define certain muscles or to gain muscle volume. It is used, for example, to define the muscles of the abdominal area, the quadriceps and the pectorals to achieve that definition that is so difficult to achieve with traditional training.

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    Proven results

    Depending on the objectives to be achieved, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is generally recommended, at a rate of two treatments per week. In most cases, results are observed from the 6th treatment onwards and are maintained during the months following the end of the course of treatment. The adoption of healthy lifestyle habits as well as regular maintenance of a few sessions (according to pre-established objectives) are recommended to maintain the results.

    Following a course of Electone treatements, there is a general improvement in:
    – Muscle tone
    – Definition of the silhouette
    – Slimming of the silhouette

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    What to expect

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    Validating your needs and goals through an assessment with a consultant is essential. Our staff has developed the expertise to guide you towards visible results and will work with you to develop a complete personalized treatment plan taking into account your silhouette as a whole.

    Taking pictures of the treated area before the treatment allows you to better visualize the needs and also to measure the results at the end of the treatment. This step is at your discretion and may be omitted at your request.

    Installing elastic straps in strategic locations is the first step of the treatment. The technician will then apply a gel to the electrodes before positioning them according to the area to be treated.

    Starting the electro-stimulation at a low level of intensity and increasing it every 3 minutes according to the chosen program allows the body to get used to the new sensations felt. The intensity level of the pulses is always adjusted according to your comfort level and tolerance during the 30 minutes of the treatment.

    End the treatment by removing the elastic straps and electrodes before cleaning the treated area with a dry cloth. Functionalab Toning Body Gel or Functionalab Retexturizing Body Cream is then applied to the treated area to complete the session.

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    Cost of treatment

    $250 per session/area


    Areas treatable by Electone

    Electone treatment can be used on most muscles in the body such as the abdominals, quadriceps, gluteal muscles, biceps, triceps and pectorals. Depending on the mode chosen, Electone will work to decongest the tissue, tone and shape or give more definition to the targeted muscles. Depending on the goals set, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is usually required, ideally two treatments per week. A session lasts only 30 (per treated area) minutes and does not cause excessive sweating, which means you can resume your activities immediately.


    Dermapure Chaparral is by far the best clinic I have visited and I will continue to have all procedures done there. The front desk staff are friendly and very welcoming, especially Daniel. My injector, Natasha is so kind, knowledgeable and remarkably good at her art. I really enjoy my visits because your team is top-notch!


    Calgary, AB

    Had the best experience here! I was very nervous at first, Sylvina did a great job in going over all the pros and cons and was super knowledgeable. I came out feeling beautiful and refreshed. Can’t wait to come back and see her again. :) 100% recommend her.

    Dana H

    Calgary, AB

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Electone treatment is a non-invasive procedure that harnesses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology to improve muscle tone, define the silhouette, and enhance muscle volume. During the treatment, conductive pads are placed on specific body areas, delivering deep pulses to the muscles and simulating natural muscle contractions. Electone offers three treatment modes: 1. Drain: Reduces tissue congestion and water retention, promoting a feeling of lightness. 2. Tone: Tones muscles and firms the skin, providing lifting effects. 3. Sculpt: Defines and enhances muscle volume, particularly in areas like abdominals, quadriceps, and pectorals.

    Depending on the patient’s goals, five to 15 treatments are recommended, with two sessions per week. Patients generally see optimal results in the months following their final treatment. However, they may begin to see some improvements after their sixth session.

    Electone treatment offers several key benefits, including: Improved Muscle Tone: Electone enhances muscle tone, providing a more sculpted and athletic appearance. Silhouette Definition: It helps define and shape the body, particularly in areas like the abdomen, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and quadriceps. Slimming: Electone aids in slimming the silhouette by reducing tissue congestion and water retention, contributing to a feeling of lightness.

    Yes, Electone can be customized to individual goals. The device adapts its stimulation speed and strength during the treatment to tailor the experience. Electone offers three distinct treatment modes: Drain, Tone, and Sculpt. Each mode provides different speeds and strengths for muscle stimulation. Your custom plan is determined during your consultation.

    A typical Electone session lasts approximately 30 minutes per treated area. One of the advantages of Electone treatment is that it does not induce excessive sweating or discomfort. Therefore, there is no downtime or recovery period required after a session. Patients can resume their regular activities immediately following treatment.

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