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Fotona 2D Calgary Chaparral


Chaparral Valley, 2150 – 1800 194 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2X 0R3



403 719-6523


Treatment and Technology

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Fotona 2D is a combination laser treatment that combines Smoothliftin™ and Piano™ to effectively stimulate collagen, restoring volume for a natural, renewed look. These lasers are customized based on your unique skin concerns, specifically targeting areas of concern to reveal natural-looking results.

Fotona 2D is suitable for all skin tones.


Smoothliftin™ utilizes a special laser pulse which moves slowly and safely enough to be used inside the mouth. It targets the tissue inside the cheeks, triggering a natural healing process and encouraging collagen production to smooth out wrinkles around the mouth, known as lip lines.


Piano™ gently warms the deeper layers of your skin by focusing its energy below the surface. It does this without harming the top layer of your skin. This technique can help your skin heal faster and prevent scars from forming.

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    Before and After Results

    After your Fotona 2D treatment, you can expect increased facial volume and tightened, lifted skin.

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    What to expect

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    You’ll meet with our expert treatment providers, who will consider your goals and concerns to determine a plan that best addresses your needs.

    We take photos to add to your patient profile so that we can track your treatment progress over time.

    Fotona 2D addresses various concerns through laser wavelengths focused on the treatment area. Patients may experience a warming sensation during their procedure, but this is generally well-tolerated.

    There is no downtime after Fotona 2D treatment, so you can return to your day as usual. Some patients may have a flushed and red appearance for up to 30 minutes after treatment.

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    Cost of Treatment

    Please contact your clinic to discuss the cost of this treatment.


    Treatment Areas

    Fotona 2D laser can be used anywhere on the face, including the cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck.


    Dermapure Chaparral is by far the best clinic I have visited and I will continue to have all procedures done there. The front desk staff are friendly and very welcoming, especially Daniel. My injector, Natasha is so kind, knowledgeable and remarkably good at her art. I really enjoy my visits because your team is top-notch!


    Calgary, AB

    Had the best experience here! I was very nervous at first, Sylvina did a great job in going over all the pros and cons and was super knowledgeable. I came out feeling beautiful and refreshed. Can’t wait to come back and see her again. :) 100% recommend her.

    Dana H

    Calgary, AB

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most patients will see some immediate results, with the final result gradually appearing over the next 2 to 3 months.

    Yes, you can expect mild peeling after the treatment.

    You can wear makeup 24 hours after your treatment.

    Yes, but it is recommended that you wait 2 weeks after your last injection before having the procedure.

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    403 719-6523

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