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Photorejuvenation Dieppe


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Treatment & technology

Photorejuvenate treatment

Dermapure has selected intense pulsed light technology platforms that help correct complexion imperfections such as pigment spots caused or heightened by exposure to sunlight and which also diminish the appearance of certain vascular problems such as couperosis and rosacea—all in a single session.

One of the main advantages of pulsed light is its ability to reach various depths beneath the epidermis, allowing the technology to be used for different purposes depending on the condition being treated. A cut-off filter inserted into the device’s universal applicator establishes the wavelength at which light reaches the different layers of skin where it delivers its therapeutic benefits. Photorejuvenation requires that the light spectrum reach between 515 and 560 nanometers in depth. Delivered by a series of pulses, the emitted light seeks out colour contrasts beneath the skin to dry out and eliminate tiny blood vessels and visible brown or red spots.

The results are visible and will appear gradually. As well as a temporary darkening of spots, you may experience increased redness and normal desquamation following the treatment. There is no downtime. Photorejuvenation is an effective and recognized treatment that promotes a unified complexion and restores skin’s youthful appearance.

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    Proven Results

    Dermapure is committed to enhancing natural beauty. As such, our team of highly qualified physicians, nurses and skin experts tailors each treatment to individual needs. Photorejuvenation offers a non-invasive solution to various skin concerns, from sun damage to uneven tone, revealing smoother, more youthful-looking skin. However, it’s important to note that results can vary from person to person. Images provided are for illustrative purposes only, showcasing the potential of Photorejuvenation treatments at Dermapure.

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    What to expect

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    Cleansing the skin—starting with a clean “canvas”—is an essential first step in your photorejuvenation session.

    Protective eyewear, which may include small blackout goggles, helps protect eyes from light rays. While it is perfectly normal to perceive several flashes of light during the session, your eye protection ensures complete safety at all times.

    A protective cooling gel is applied over the entire treatment area to help the applicator glide easily over the skin surface while protecting it from burns. The gel also improves comfort during your session by providing a refreshing cool sensation in contrast to the heat of pulsed light.

    Adjusting the parameters on the pulsed light device is part of the treatment process. Since everyone’s skin is different, your technician will assess your individual needs. These include the treatment area itself, your phototype (skin colour) and the extent of lesions to treat. Parameters are not always fixed and are often modified during treatment to adapt to your skin’s reactiveness and, more importantly, to alternate between red spots and pigment spots which manifest at different skin depths.

    Feeling the pulsed light on your skin for the very first time can be a bit of a surprise—the initial pinching sensation causes some patients to flinch slightly! The treatment is not painful, however, and the applicator creates a sensation of diffused heat as it glides over the skin. A smaller applicator tip is sometimes uses to treat smaller areas such as the sides/tips of nostrils.

    When your session is over, the gel is removed and your skin is cleansed. To help calm the “warming” sensation felt after treatment and to help protect skin, a hydrating cream is applied carefully to the entire treatment area, followed by a mineral sunscreen.

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    Full face treatment starting at $375/session
    Prices vary depending on areas to be treated.

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    Treatment areas

    We already know that UV rays alter skin cells by breaking down their DNA chain and negatively impacting the natural production of melanin, collagen and elastin. This partially explains the appearance of brown hyperpigmentation patches, light spots, freckles and dilated blood vessels seen on certain parts of the body. Since skin on the face, neck and décolleté is more susceptible to UV exposure, intense pulse light treatments can be very beneficial. The back and hands are also popular treatment areas. A full treatment will require approximately one hour in clinic.

    Photorejuvenation women face
    Photorejuvenation women back
    Photorejuvenation men chest
    Photorejuvenation men back
    Photorejuvenation men chest


    Always very welcoming and the service is professional and friendly. The prices are reasonable and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to have any medical aesthetics done.

    Cyndia Quirion-H

    Dieppe, NB

    Staff is awesome!! Always welcomed with a smile.Very caring and always making sure you are okay. Atmosphere is warm and inviting. Questions regarding treatments are always answered in a professional way. Nurses are highly qualified. Best advice for what YOU want and need at all times. I highly recommend.

    Norma L

    Dieppe, NB

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pulsed light reaches various depths beneath the skin using filters inserted into the device's applicator, setting the wavelength for specific skin layers. For photorejuvenation, we use a light spectrum between 515 and 560 nanometers to penetrate and target colour contrasts beneath the skin. Through a series of pulses, it eliminates tiny blood vessels and visible brown or red spots.

    Photorejuvenation treats various skin conditions, including sun-induced pigmentation spots, freckles, and rosacea. Photorejuvenation also stimulates collagen production, improving skin texture and firmness, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Common treatment areas include the face, neck, décolleté, back, and hands, which are more susceptible to UV damage.

    The expected results of photorejuvenation treatment include a more unified complexion, reduced appearance of pigmentation spots, freckles, and rosacea, and improved skin texture and firmness due to stimulated collagen production. These results typically appear gradually over time. Initially, there may be temporary darkening of spots and increased redness post-treatment. However, as the skin heals and collagen production increases, patients notice skin tone and texture improvements. While multiple treatment sessions are usually required for optimal results, patients can expect progressive enhancements in their skin's appearance with each session.

    A photorejuvenation treatment session lasts approximately one hour. During this time, the targeted areas, like the face, neck, décolleté, back, or hands, are treated with intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. The duration of the session allows for thorough treatment of these areas for optimal results.

    While photorejuvenation is considered a safe, non-invasive procedure, temporary side effects are possible. These can include temporary darkening of spots, increased redness, and normal skin shedding following the session. These effects typically subside within a few days. Photorejuvenation is also known for its minimal downtime, allowing patients to resume their normal activities immediately after the session.

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