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NEW: SkinCeuticals range at Dermapure!

April 2, 2020


SkinCeuticals range at Dermapure

Dermapure is proud to offer you a new range of skincare products!</h3

In addition to our exclusive Functionalab Canadian cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics, you now have access to SkinCeuticals, available now on the online store! The result of decades of research, SkinCeuticals product formulas aim to prevent and correct the signs of skin aging.

Discover this world-renowned range in 3 key points!

1. Priority #1: Skin Health

Since its inception in 1994 by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, SkinCeuticals has been dedicated to the development of safe, effective and environmentally friendly skin care products. Cleansers, toners, serums, anti-aging creams, masks and sun protection: the SkinCeuticals line offers a wide variety of targeted topical products that meet the specific needs of each skin type.

2. Scientifically proven effectiveness

Rich in antioxidants, highly concentrated in active ingredients and very rapidly absorbed, SkinCeuticals formulas are developed by leading experts in the medical field, cell and molecular biology and biophysics.

3. Recognition of experts

SkinCeuticals cosmeceuticals are applied during treatments in medical spas and high-end beauty salons and are recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons around the world because of their effectiveness and benefits targeting every skin condition.

Bonus info: SkinCeuticals is committed to research!

A committed brand, SkinCeuticals has been involved with the Alliance for Melanoma Research since 2010, contributing to research to advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. In addition, it sponsors the Young Researcher Award to promote careers in the same field.

Do you want to start or expand your home skin care routine?
Contact one of our consultants now or visit our online store to learn all about our professional products!

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