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NEW treatment feature – PicoSure® at Dermapure Vancouver

April 22, 2021


Traitement PicoSure à Dermapure Vancouver

Laser treatments can be used to address a wide variety of skin concerns including brown spots, sun damage, freckles, pigmented lesions, wrinkles and acne scars. Many lasers, however, rely on intense heat energy to achieve results, which are not safe for use on darker skin types. 

Enter the PicoSure® laser: a breakthrough technology that gently delivers short burst of energy that enter and exit the skin in a picosecond, i.e. one trillionth of a second, to remove unwanted pigment, rejuvenate the complexion and improve skin texture while remaining safe for a wide range of skin types!

Curious to learn more? Read on for the most Frequently Asked Questions on this exciting new treatment:

What skin concerns does PicoSure® treat?

Pigmented lesions including age spots, freckles and brown patches can all be removed with PicoSure®. This treatment can also be used to rejuvenate the skin, improve brightness, texture and reduce acne scars. During a personalized consultation, your provider will put together a treatment plan to address your unique needs.  

How many treatment sessions will it take?

To improve the look of your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance by removing pigmented lesions will require only a few treatments. Darker, deeper and larger pigmented lesions may require additional treatments; however during the consultation, your provider will discuss treatment expectations with you.

What does the treatment feel like?

Most patients find the procedure tolerable and require no numbing cream or anesthesia. PicoSure® delivers energy in ultra-short bursts, and patients often compare the laser pulse to a snap of a thin rubber band.

What type of post treatment care is necessary?

After the procedure, the treatment area may be tender. It is important to keep the area clean and to avoid any irritation. Your provider will share additional after care instructions as needed to ensure a quick recovery.

At Dermapure Vancouver, PicoSure® is offered exclusively by our Dermatologists, Dr. Frances Jang and Dr. Angela Law. 

Contact us to book your personalized consultation today, and determine if PicoSure® is right for you!

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