Dr. Adelyn Ho

Plastic Surgeon in Vancouver

Dr. Adelyn Ho is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. She completed her Masters of Public Health at Harvard University in 2013, after completing her Plastic Surgery residency at the University of British Columbia. She successfully obtained her Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Plastic Surgery in 2015 and was awarded a Canadian Microsurgical Society Scholarship.

After residency, Dr. Ho moved to Los Angeles to complete additional training under the University of Southern California. During her time in Los Angeles, she completed a microsurgery fellowship which further enhanced her skills in both breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. She has contributed meaningful research to the medical society that has impacted surgical techniques, delivery of care, and quality of life for breast reconstruction patients. Dr. Ho has been the recipient of numerous research awards and grants for her accomplishments.

When she isn’t caring for her two young children, Dr. Ho splits her time between her Plastic Surgery Practice at Richmond Hospital and Skinworks Dermapure in Vancouver. Her complex understanding of facial anatomy and precision as a microsurgeon makes her an easy choice for patients who want confident and capable hands.

Dr. Ho’s passion for beauty, detail and creativity paired with the meticulous qualities of a Plastic Surgeon allow her to create naturally beautiful results for her patients.



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