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Functionalab oxygen serum infusion

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    What do Functionalab oxygen serum infusion correct ?

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    Treatment & technology

    infusion serum oxygene functionalab

    Functionalab Oxygen Serum Infusion is perfect for deep-down skin hydration and rejuvenation. Slightly pressurized oxygen assists the delivery and diffusion of active ingredients inside the high-end serums to instantly soften visible signs of aging and improve natural hydration of the skin’s deeper layers. Considered a go-to treatment among celebrities, Oxygen Serum Infusion can provide a much-needed boost of energy before a wedding, public appearance, or many other special events.

    Oxygen is well known for its skin-hydrating properties. However, to maximize the osmotic hydration process, a jet of pure oxygen must be sprayed to within a few millimetres of the skin’s surface at a precise angle. This helps replicate a hyperbaric chamber effect by creating a small pressure bubble between the skin and the applicator that enhances distribution and absorption of the serum and boosts the benefits of its active ingredients. The choice of serum depends on your specific skin needs and treatment objectives.

    Duration of treatment : 45 minutes

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    Treatment Areas

    Whether it’s to plump sagging facial skin, moisturize dry hands or pamper the lower neck area, Functionalab Oxygen Serum Infusion is your perfect solution.

    You will fall in love with this treatment: it is suitable for the skin of all colors and types, both men and women, and can be performed all year round!

    Each treatment lasts 45 minutes.

    At a Glance

    seance infusion de serum a oxygene
    Functionalab oxygen serum infusion: see how it works / 1:04

    Cleansing the Skin

    Proper skin cleansing is the first step in your Functionalab Oxygen Serum Infusion treatment. The technician uses a Clarisonic® facial cleansing brush to remove all makeup and deep-cleanse your skin, effectively prepping it for treatment.

    Apply the Serum

    The technician selects a serum from the Functionalab line of skincare products to further customize your treatment: Intense Hydration, Skin Radiance or Detox Formula, depending on your skin’s needs. The serum is gently sprayed over the entire surface of the treatment area, section by section, to create a pleasant, refreshing sensation prior to your oxygen treatment.

    Deliver Pressurized Oxygen

    The technician uses a wand-like applicator to deliver a stream of pressurized oxygen to within a few millimetres of your skin, which creates a hyperbaric chamber effect to enhance absorption of the serum and stimulate the release of active ingredients. The oxygen is sprayed in a uniform manner to adequately cover the entire surface of the treatment area.

    Final Hydration

    The final result is instantly hydrated skin. Following this deep-down treatment, you should always moisturize the skin surface using a combination of high-performance anti-aging products. Now is the perfect time to discuss your at-home skincare routine with your technician, who can recommend adjustments tailored to your specific skin needs.

    Each person is unique and we are here to advise you. It is free.

    Cost of treatment

    $175 for a full-face treatment

    Price varies according to treatment area.
    You may be eligible for a discount if you purchase several sessions at once. Ask your clinic for more details!

    Follow-up and maintenance

    Considering the instantaneous short-term results associated with this treatment, it should be repeated every month. We recommend 5 to 6 follow-up sessions to help prolong visible results and maintain your skin’s newfound radiance.

    It is also essential that you keep your epidermis clean and free of dead skin cells. We recommend diamond-tip microdermabrasion and Functionalab glycolic acid peel. Keeping your skin well hydrated with at-home topical products is of utmost importance.



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