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Private Aesthetic Dermatology Service

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    Our private dermatology consultation, not covered by government insurance, is offered with or without a physician referral according to your province’s regulations.

    We offer diagnostic and treatment services for conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, skin rashes and skin allergies, scars, pigmentary disorders, screening, and surgical treatment of skin cancers.


    • Dermatology consultation with a physician;
    • Skin biopsy to establish a precise diagnosis;
    • Minor surgery or excision of lesions to remove benign tumors such as moles, seborrheic keratoses, angiomas, cysts, dermatofibromas, etc.;
    • Treatment of rosacea, in particular with vascular lasers;
    • Cortisone or filler injections to treat scars;
    • Nitrogen cryotherapy for the treatment of seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, solar lentigo, etc.;
    • Electrocautery to remove acrochordons, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, milium granules, etc.;
    • Treatment of hair loss such as alopecia areata or androgenetic alopecia with biostimulant cell regeneration treatments, cortisone injections or topical product prescriptions;
    • Treatment of mild to severe acne, including prescription of isotretinoin (Accutane);
    • Treatment of xanthelasma (fatty deposits on the eyelids);
    • Therapeutic neuromodulators for migraine, bruxism (teeth grinding), or hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
    • Treatment of pigmentary conditions: melasma, hyperpigmentation, spots, etc.;
    • Photodynamic therapy (ALA-PDT) for skin precancers (actinic keratoses);
    • Examination of moles;
    • Skin cancer treatment: diagnosis and surgery for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

    Treatable Areas

    Depending on the concern, diagnosis, and treatment plan, our private aesthetic dermatology service can treat different areas of the body and face, including skin tags on the face and neck, benign lesions, xanthelasma on eyelids, and other skin-related conditions.

    What to Expect


    Consultation and Diagnostics

    During the initial consultation, your specific concerns and goals are discussed and evaluated, while diagnostic methods, including those for conditions such as rosacea, skin rashes, allergies, scars, and more, are employed to develop a personalized treatment plan.

    Tailored Treatment Plan

    Our doctors provide a personalized treatment plan depending on the results of the diagnostics stage. This can include removing moles and skin tags, treating skin lesions, and more.

    See if this treatment is right for you.

    Service costs

    The cost for a consultation with a physician is $300.

    For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 1 877 252-0293 or fill out the appointment request form.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a physician referral required for the private dermatology consultation program, or can I schedule an appointment directly?

    A physician referral is not required for Dermapure’s private dermatology consultation program. You can book an appointment directly with us to access our array of diagnostic and treatment services.

    What types of aesthetic dermatology services do you offer, and how can they benefit my skin health and appearance?

    We offer diagnostic and treatment services for different conditions, including acne, eczema, rashes, scars, pigment disorders, screening, and surgical treatment of skin cancers. Areas of expertise also include the removal of skin tags, benign tumours, benign lesion treatment, and medical consultation.

    Overall, patients can benefit from our physicians’ experience and expertise, cutting-edge diagnostics tools, and industry-leading cosmetic medicine treatments. Specific skin health and aesthetic benefits vary depending on the condition.

    Please note that treatment services may vary from one clinic to another.

    How can I determine if a particular aesthetic dermatology treatment is suitable for my needs, and what factors should I consider before scheduling an appointment?

    If you have dermatological concerns, book an appointment at Dermapure. Our physicians will help you determine which aesthetic dermatology treatment is suitable for your needs based on various factors like your age, skin health, and overall goals. If you have any questions or require more information before scheduling an appointment, contact us.

    Is there a specific age range or skin type that benefits most from aesthetic dermatology services, or are these treatments suitable for individuals of all ages and skin types?

    Our private aesthetic dermatology services are suitable for patients of all ages and skin types. Specific contraindications depend on the concern and treatment options available, which will be determined during the consultation with the physician.

    Can I expect downtime or recovery periods after undergoing certain procedures, and what post-treatment care is recommended?

    Downtime and recovery periods depend on the treatment employed. Some minimally invasive options require no recovery time, while others may involve a period of downtime and rigorous post-treatment care.