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The Women at the Heart of Dermapure

March 8, 2020


Les femmes au cœur de Dermapure

On March 8th, we’ll celebrate and stand up in the name of the UN’s International Women’s Day 2020 theme – “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.”
Since its creation more than 10 years ago, Dermapure places women at the heart of its mission. It’s therefore only natural that this day marks an important date for the company and its employees! By educating and joining our patients in their health and beauty journey while offering them the most innovative treatments on the market, we put trust, respect and beauty in all its forms at the centre of our actions and decisions.

A unique and truthful path

Combining years of experience in the field with our in-depth knowledge about skin aging and an incomparable understanding of the most innovative technologies, our team listens to your concerns and answers your questions honestly, confidentially and transparently. Only then can your customized treatment plan be created to specifically meet your expectations and your real needs according to the condition of your skin!

Natural, beautiful results

Glow, radiate, be yourself… highlighting the inherent beauty of each of our patients is what drives us. From the consultant to the physician to the technician, everyone shares the same philosophy: to deliver natural results.
No matter which treatments you choose, the synergy of cutting-edge technologies, topical products, professional nutricosmetics – and our expert advice! – will bring out your unique beauty.

Attentive and caring team

Our best quality? Listening to your needs!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your beauty goals with us.
Take advantage of a free telephone consultation: 1-877-252-0293.

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