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Total Skincare Centre Dermapure: Our first partnership in Alberta!

December 1, 2019


Medical-aesthetic clinic in Alberta

Great news: Dermapure has a new address in Western Canada!
2019 marks Dermapure’s entry into Alberta through its partnership with Dr. John Arlette of Total Skincare Centre. The Calgary clinic, which benefits from the experience of its medical team, its enviable reputation and the strength of the Dermapure network, is the leader in medical aesthetic care in the region.

An experienced team

As the founder of Total Skincare Centre and a dermatologist recognized by his peers, Dr. John Arlette has surrounded himself with his medical field’s best specialists since the beginning of his career, more than 30 years ago.

With two decades of experience as a provider of injection treatments, Dr Arlette is driven by the development and sharing of his knowledge of dermatology and filler therapy. He is also an international trainer and speaker.

A leader in research in the use of fillers and body contouring treatments, Dr. Arlette offers his patients the latest technological advances and the most updated knowledge in the industry, all the while listening to and respecting their needs.

A renewed range of care

This collaboration will lead to promising projects for Dr. Arlette’s clients, including the introduction of the Canadian line of Functionalab professional products in the coming months.

Sharing the same holistic approach to skincare and the same philosophy of offering natural results, Total Skincare Centre and Dermapure work in synergy to provide the most innovative care on the market.

It is with excitement and pride that Total Skincare Centre Dermapure will soon offer two new technologies in its range of high-end treatments:

Thermage®, the world’s #1 choice for skin tightening.
› Objective: to maintain skin tone – both on the face and body!
› Energy: unipolar radio frequencies
› Procedure: stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
› Results: slows down the natural aging process of the skin
+ Smoothed and tightened skin
+ Softened features
+ Reduced appearance of cellulite

Ulthera®, the visible and natural tensor effect.
› Objective: To correct the effects of time on different areas of the face, neck and décolleté
› Energy: focused ultrasound
› Procedure: creates tiny attachment points at different skin depths
› Results: Regenerates tissues and natural skin structure
+ Gradually smoothed skin
+ Redefined contour of the face
+ Enhanced look

The team is waiting for you

Take advantage of the Dermapure experience in Calgary and discover the treatment that’s right for you!
The team of professionals at your Total Skincare Dermapure clinic will guide you through your health and beauty journey according to your needs and concerns. Don’t put it off any longer; get your free consultation now!

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