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What is it ?

Acne is caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous glands which, when clogged, increase the proliferation of the bacteria Propionibacterium Acnes, causing skin eruptions. Acne can last for several months or even years and affect both teenagers and adults.

What are the causes?

There are multiple causes of acne, notably the following main contributors:

Hormonal fluctuations

Hormonal changes, whether they occur in adolescence or adulthood, are a breeding ground for the onset or aggravation of acne. An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels, among other things, accentuates the appearance of the sign of acne.


Although heredity is not considered to be the only factor explaining the onset of acne, it plays an important role in it. Indeed, the risk of suffering from acne is five times higher when both parents have also been affected.

Cosmetic products

Some facial and hair products and makeup can promote acne, especially when they contain oily ingredients, such as silicon or are not suited to your skin type.


Several medications can exacerbate the problem, such as corticosteroids and certain antiepileptics, immunosuppressants and mood regulators.


Stress can cause and aggravate acne problems, as it increases the production of cortisol, adrenal androgens and insulin – hormones that influence the behaviour of the sebaceous glands and the production of sebum.


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