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Shock Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction


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    Treatment & technology

    Shock Wave Therapy is a good alternative or complement to medication. It is a non-invasive (no needles, no surgery), simple and painless method. The shockwave therapy approach consists of encouraging the opening of existing blood vessels in the penis, stimulating the growth of new vessels and removing the microplaques that obstruct them. Thus, the increased blood flow to the penis will improve the firmness and longevity of erections.

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    Treatment Areas

    The treatable area for this treatment is the penile area.

    What to Expect


    Personalized assessment

    A preliminary meeting for Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction allows us to better understand your expectations as well as your skin condition and thus build a personalized treatment plan.

    Application of an anesthetic gel

    Desensitizing the skin with a lidocaine-based anesthetic gel will ease the discomfort experienced during the treatment. This product is applied and left on clean skin for approximately 45 minutes before treatment.

    Treatment by Shock Wave Therapy

    Une fois la crème retirée, une sonde est appliquée sur le pénis, le périnée et les aines et des impulsions de faible intensité sont transmises aux tissus traités. Le traitement dure en moyenne de 15 à 20 minutes. Le patient peut ensuite retourner à ses activités régulières, et ce, sans le moindre inconfort.

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    Cost of treatment

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    *Consultation fee with a physician may apply.

    Follow-up & maintenance

    It is possible to do a few one-off sessions during the year if the patient feels the need.


    Contraindications may apply depending on your health condition.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How many sessions will I need?

    This depends on the patient’s previous condition and response to treatment. Normally, we do a series of 6 sessions once a week. After a 4-week break, if there has been no improvement in the condition, we stop the treatments. However, if an improvement is noted, we proceed with another series of 6 sessions.

    When can I expect results?

    Normally, it takes at least 3 treatments to see improvements. Some patients will have a response as quickly as after 2 weeks while others will see results after the first 6 treatments.

    how long do the effects last?

    On average, patients can obtain beneficial results for about a year. Since this treatment is safe, it is possible to do a few occasional sessions during the year if the patient feels the need.