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Condition :

Thin lips

What is it ?

Particularly sensitive to the aging process, lips lose their volume and change over time. The philtrum ridges (the small relief between the nose and mouth) and the cupid’s bow gradually flatten, while small irregularities in colour may also occur.

What are the causes?

Each individual has a different morphology and the morphology of the lips is no exception. Shape, volume and colour are therefore unique to the lips of each person. Nevertheless, their refinement will be accentuated by several factors:

The natural aging process

As the skin ages, the natural production of collagen and elastin slows down and cell renewal decreases: the lip contour is less defined, the colour of the lips becomes lighter and their volume diminishes.

Sun exposure

Exposure to the sun, especially if not accompanied by UV protection, causes alterations in the production of melanin, collagen and elastin, and clearly promotes lip dryness. Their tone is then reduced, their pigmentation is altered and their volume is diminished.

Tabacco use

Nicotine consumption hinders the assimilation of vitamins A and C, essential for good blood circulation, and reduces collagen and elastin production. Once cell renewal is compromised, the skin becomes drier and more sensitive to external aggressors. Gradually, the lips become thinner and their colour fades.


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