Men’s health

What is it?

The cycle of life in men can sometimes bring its share of small inconveniences! Erectile dysfunction is one of them.

Did you know?

49% of men have experienced erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes?

Erectile dysfunction can simply be caused by psychological problems: anxiety, stress, a new sexual partner, a new sexual situation, depression, etc. It is the most common form of erectile dysfunction in men aged 20 to 40.

How to prevent?

Healthy lifestyle

Regular physical activity, stopping smoking and moderate alcohol consumption, or any other healthy lifestyle habit will help prevent erectile dysfunction.

How to treat?

Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction

When erectile dysfunction is due to a physiological or vascular cause, shock wave therapy is a good alternative or complement to medication. It is a non-invasive (no needles, no surgery), simple and painless method. The shockwave therapy approach consists of opening existing blood vessels in the penis, stimulating the growth of new vessels and removing the microplaques that obstruct them.

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