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    Treatment & Technology

    At Dermapure, we take a holistic approach to beauty, highlighting the natural radiance of our patients. Our team of experienced doctors, who share the same philosophy, provides Belkyra injections to offer natural and customized results.

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    Session at a Glance

    Seance Belkyra

    Personalized Assessment

    Since each individual has his or her own skin condition and personal expectations regarding the care provided, it is essential to evaluate with his or her needs during a preliminary clinical evaluation.

    Taking Photographs

    Taking a picture of your face before treatment with BelkyraTM helps you visualize the areas that will be targeted by this treatment, while facilitating communication with the doctor. A photograph is also a good way to compare your before and after evolution and serves as a reference over time.

    BelkyraTM Injections

    The injections themselves last only a few minutes. Guided by marking points, the injecting doctor carries out the injections and assesses the minimum quantities required to obtain the desired effect.

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    Cost of treatment


    Follow-up and maintenance

    BelkyraTM usually does not require maintenance care, although touch-ups may be required during follow-up, as appropriate.


    Women who are pregnant or nursing should not receive BelkyraTM treatments.

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