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Dilated pores

What is it?

Tiny openings in the skin allow sweat, sebum and dead cells to escape, while pores allow the skin to “breathe”. When clogged, the pores dilate and are then more visible.

Did you know?

Dilated pores are also a matter of genetics: the health of our skin therefore depends in part on our heredity and even our ethnic origin!

What are the causes?

Caused by a lack of cell regeneration and too much sebum production, pore dilation can be influenced by three factors:

The use of inappropriate topical products

When products are applied to the skin, but do not meet its needs, it has difficulty balancing itself and breathing! An example of this would be using a moisturizer that is too oily for our skin type that leads to an increase in sebum production.

Skin aging

Over time, skin produces less collagen and skin cells regenerate less quickly. As a result, the skin structure changes and pores become more visible.

Bad lifestyle habits

External health starts from the inside. The effects of a sedentary and stressful lifestyle for both body and mind, such as a diet that is too high in fat or the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, become visible: skin loses its tone and its texture becomes more pronounced.

How to prevent?

An appropriate beauty routine

In order to better control sebum production, a gentle cleansing twice a day is recommended. Also, exfoliation and the application of weekly masks are good ways to refine the skin’s texture. Finally, offering the skin clinical care every 6 to 8 weeks, such as glycolic peeling or microdermabrasion for example, allows it to be thoroughly cleaned, tightens pores and stimulates collagen production. This makes it visibly healthier.

Healthy lifestyles

Eating well, minimizing alcohol and tobacco consumption, regular physical activity and taking care of your skin through an appropriate beauty routine are all part of achieving and maintaining healthy skin. The skin cells are better oxygenated and regenerate more quickly, collagen production is stimulated…the skin is noticeably smoother and softer!

How to treat?

Pores dilatés traitement

Resurfacing lasers

Non-ablative resurfacing lasers such as Clear + Brilliant®, Venus Viva or Fraxel® stimulate the skin to regenerate naturally by creating subcutaneous micro-perforations. A new collagen and skin structure is formed to considerably reduce scars, stretch marks and pigment spots.

traitement pores dilatés

Glycolic peeling

Glycolic peeling is an exfoliating treatment that helps tighten pores and prevent acne flare-ups. Glycolic acid, which is a derivative of fruit acid, works on the surface to dissolve dead cells, but also acts on a deeper level to stimulate the natural production of collagen. The skin is smoother and more receptive to the products used.

Compatible products

Glycolic Acid – Mask 5%

Masque à l'acide Glycolique pour les pores dilatés

The 5% Glycolic Acid Mask is a product that deeply cleanses the skin, tightens pores, refines skin texture and prevents blackheads. Two natural clays, kaolin (white clay) and montmorillonite (green clay) have a detoxifying and firming effect on the skin.

Glycolic Acid – Lotion 10%

Lotion 10% pour les pores dilatés

The synergistic action of glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliates the skin while reducing irritation and dryness. An excellent product for skins with acneic tendencies, it accelerates cell renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the condition of elastin fibres in the dermis. When used regularly, 10% glycolic acid lotion reduces the appearance of wrinkles, refines skin texture and improves radiance.

Glycolic Acid – Night Cream 5%

Crème de nuit 5%

This complex of glycolic acid and botanical ingredients has a light exfoliating and smoothing action on the skin. Used regularly, it refines the skin’s texture, improves the complexion’s radiance and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Purifying Cleanser and Toner – Foam

Nettoyant mousse pour les pores dilatés

This fresh, soap-free foam gently removes makeup and cleanses the face and eyes without damaging the skin barrier. It normalizes sebum production and offers an astringent, antibacterial action to fight against dilated and/or clogged pores.

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