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Condition :

Dull Complexion

What is it ?

A dull complexion is distinguished by a grey or even olive colour that tints the skin. It gives the skin a lack of homogeneity and poorly reflects the light. The lack of brightness tends to make the face look tired and aged.

What are the causes?

Blood Circulation

The microcirculation of blood is a vital process for the life of the skin. It allows the cells to be provided with all the nutrients essential to their proper functioning, in addition to oxygenating them and releasing them from the body's waste. Fatigue, stress, pollution and tobacco are some of the factors that contribute to altering blood circulation, thereby causing a deterioration of the skin's cells. Consequence: the complexion becomes irregular, dull and grey.


The complexion owes its colour to the presence of pigments called melanin. Mainly due to the aggressions of the sun, melanin accumulates abundantly on the surface of the skin. Stains and other irregularities make their appearance and the complexion is blurred.

Dead Skin

A dull complexion can also be due to an accumulation of dead cells on the surface, which prevent proper light reflection, a healthy oxygenation of the skin and an adequate penetration of cosmeceuticals – preventing them from doing their job well.


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