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Endovenous laser

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    Treatment & technology

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    During the ablation of varicose veins by endovenous laser, a laser beam is placed inside the diseased vein in a minimally invasive manner. The vein is treated directly by the energy transmitted by the laser light to the internal venous wall which is heated and then destroyed. The vein undergoes fibrosis, and then disappears over time. This treatment, now considered worldwide as the gold standard to treatment of saphenous vein, lasts about 30 minutes, does not require general anesthesia and allows a quick resumption of activities.

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    Endovenous Laser Treatable Areas

    The greater saphenous vein which runs from the groin, along the inside of the leg to the ankle, and the small saphenous vein which runs from the back of the knee to the ankle are best treated with endovenous laser. While they are too deep to be seen with the naked eye, when diseased, they are often the source of many varicose veins at the surface of the skin. Success of varicose vein treatment depends on accurate ultrasound assessment and treating the source of the problem first.

    What to Expect

    laser endoveineux deroulement

    Personalized Assessment

    A meeting with our specialist physician prior to treatment will address your needs and concerns and determine the most appropriate solution for treating your varicose veins.

    Endovenous Laser Treatment

    Local anesthesia is applied to be treated to make the procedure more comfortable. Indeed, a small puncture of the vein to be treated is carried out in order to introduce the fiber used there. The laser then destroys the varicose vein, which will fibrose and eventually completely disappear. The incision made to introduce the fiber is then closed using a simple adhesive bandage. It is recommended to wear compression stockings during the first 24 hours after the intervention, then only during the day over a period of two weeks. The appearance of a few painless bruises on the treated area is possible and completely normal. Patients can resume work within 2 days of treatment as long as heavy lifting is avoided. Physical activities may be resumed approximately 15 days after the intervention, after the doctor’s advice. Assessment of the treated vein will be done within 3 days of the procedure and sclerotherapy will be commenced to eliminate the diseased veins that were being fed by the lasered vein.

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    Cost of treatment

    One leg $3,200
    Both legs $5,400 (same day treatment)

    Maintenance treatment

    Endovenous laser treatment can be complemented by other types of intervention, however no further treatment is required.


    Certain conditions prevent Endovenous laser treatment, such as varicose veins that are too tortuous or very superficial.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is endovenous laser treatment, and how does it work to address varicose veins?

    Endovenous laser treatment offers a way to treat varicose veins without surgery. A laser beam is placed inside the vein with a small puncture. The heat from the energy beam shrinks and destroys the varicose vein, causing fibrosis, or scar tissue, which disappears over time.

    What makes endovenous laser treatment a minimally invasive option for treating varicose veins, and how long does a typical session last?

    This is a minimally invasive option because it does not require surgery. Instead, endovenous laser treatment involves a small puncture to reach the inside of the varicose vein. A treatment session typically lasts less than an hour.

    Is general anesthesia required for endovenous laser treatment, and what is the expected downtime or recovery period after the procedure?

    We will apply local anesthesia to make the treatment more comfortable. A brief period of downtime is to be expected, but it is usually possible to return to work after two days as long as you continue avoiding heavy lifting. Physical activities should be avoided for 15 days post-treatment.

    Which areas of the body are best treated with endovenous laser, and how does accurate ultrasound assessment play a crucial role in the success of the treatment?

    Endovenous laser treatment is suitable for varicose veins on the legs, ankles, and feet. To ensure precision and optimal results, your physician will conduct an ultrasound assessment. This will help gain the complete picture and understand the source of the problem before beginning the procedure.