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    Proven Results

    By harnessing the potent power of Glycolic acid, the Dermapure Signature Peel powered by Functionalab accelerates cell turnover, reducing fine lines and photodamage, while delivering exfoliation and hydration for a radiant finish in 30 minutes! Thanks to Functionalab’s Professional Glycolic Peel Slow-Release technology, the active ingredients maintain their potency in the skin for a longer period, resulting in greater efficacy when compared to other professional peels.

    While Dermapure Signature Peel delivers visible results, it’s important to note that outcomes may vary for each individual. Therefore, the images shown are for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee specific results. At Dermapure, our highly qualified team of physicians, nurses and skin experts are committed to tailoring the treatment to enhance your natural beauty.


    Treatment & Technology

    Woman who has used a Rosacea treatment

    Dermapure Signature Peel uses glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate a thin layer of dead cells to refresh the complexion. This medical-grade treatment offers many benefits:

    · Reduces the appearance of skin discoloration associated with sun damage.
    · Refines skin texture and unclogs pores.
    · Accelerates the skin’s natural renewal process, contributing to an anti-aging effect.
    · Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and promotes overall skin rejuvenation.
    · Enhances hydration levels for a plump and supple complexion.

    Glycolic acid (AHA) is a naturally derived product, sourced from sugarcane or fruit acids, which we use here at Dermapure. It works both on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin, dissolving fatty molecules and dead, dry cells that interfere with hydration and proper oxygenation of the skin. Like the buildup of dead skin on our heels, our faces also develop a layer of dead cells. Through the application of the Dermapure Signature Peel, this layer is effectively removed, resulting in smoother, softer skin and facilitating better penetration of cosmeceuticals.

    To mitigate potential irritation, Functionlab has developed Professional Glycolic Peel Slow-Release technology. This innovation enables the active ingredients to penetrate the skin gradually over an extended period, minimizing the risk of skin irritation, making the Signature Peel an interesting option for those with heightened skin sensitivity.

    Duration of treatment: 30 minutes

    Take advantage of this treatment in your clinic

    Treatment Areas

    The most popular treatment area for a Dermapure Signature Peel is the face, but it can also be applied to the neck and chest areas.

    The procedure is performed in clinic, and it takes only 30 minutes. Localized redness or tightness, as well as some scaling are to be expected in the 24 hours following the procedure.

    At a Glance

    peelmini deroulement

    Cleanse the Skin

    Removing surface impurities and all traces of makeup are the first steps in a glycolic acid peel treatment. It’s important to start off with a clean canvas—the treatment area is wiped down with a gauze pad pre-soaked in alcohol to remove any oily film from the surface.


    Before starting, your technician will apply a protective balm to sensitive areas and provide you with eye protection.

    Apply the Glycolic Acid Peel Solution

    The technician will use a brush to carefully apply the liquid glycolic acid solution over the entire surface of the treated area. The first peel is always applied at a lower 20% concentration. This concentration may be increased to 30% in follow-up sessions, if recommended by the technician. You may feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin as the glycolic acid’s exfoliating action takes effect. This is perfectly normal.

    Reaction Time

    The glycolic acid solution is left on your skin for about five minutes to allow it to react. This may vary slightly depending on the degree of skin reaction and the concentration used. The technician will set a timer and will monitor your skin closely for any visible signs of reaction during the procedure.

    Neutralize the Glycolic Acid Solution

    The exfoliating process can be stopped easily with cold water. The technician gently rinses the treatment area with a clear water compress to neutralize the product. The skin is instantly soothed.

    Deep Skin Hydration

    As a final touch, the skin is hydrated using a combination of high-performance anti-aging products. Now is the perfect time to discuss your at-home skincare routine with your technician, who can recommend adjustments tailored to your specific skin needs.

    See if this treatment is right for you.

    Cost of treatment

    $165 for a full-face treatment

    Price varies according to treatment area.
    You may be eligible for a discount if you purchase several sessions at once. Ask your clinic for more details!

    Follow-up and maintenance

    Dermapure Signature Peel is a skin maintenance treatment. For optimal results, a Dermapure Signature Peel should be scheduled every change of season. We also recommend 5 to 6 follow-up sessions, performed every two weeks to remove several layers of dead skin cells and improve skin tone and texture.


    Pregnant or breast-feeding women should postpone treatment. Particular attention is necessary for individuals with very sensitive skin and naturally darker skin types V and VI.

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