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    Treatment & Technology

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    The permanent hair reduction technology platforms used at Dermapure are meticulously chosen to deliver unparalleled speed and efficiency. Depending on the clinic, we employ two methods that offer equal results: laser or pulsed light.

    These two technologies are very similar in that they both deliver intense light to the hair follicle. When this light is absorbed by a living hair, it is transformed into heat that destroys the follicle preventing the hair from growing back. This is the basic principle of permanent hair removal!

    Pulsed light hair removal

    Pulsed light has the advantage of being able to reach varying depths under the epidermis, making it an ideal choice for a range of clinical purposes (hair removal, acne, rosacea, pigment spots). By inserting different filters into the universal applicator of the equipment, the wavelengths with which the light will reach the different layers of skin can be modified in order to deliver various therapeutic effects. In the case of permanent hair removal, the light energy released by the tip is captured by the melanin, which gives colour to the hair during its growth phase. The light is then converted to heat that destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin. With a filter up to 695 nanometers deep, the treatment is flawlessly accurate and delivers long-term results. The hand piece features an integrated skin cooling system that minimizes discomfort during treatment.

    Laser hair removal

    The diode laser used in this method produces a pulsed light beam, which is absorbed by dark areas, in this case, dark hair. Its powerful, concentrated light targets only the hair follicle (and not the surrounding areas) attacking the root of the hair directly, during its growth phase.
    We selected the latest generation of Light Sheer Duet laser, as it is recognized worldwide for its efficiency and speed. It should be noted that the intense energy emitted by hair removal lasers may cause temporary redness and swelling.

    There are several pulsed light and hair removal laser devices on the market that vary in their performance, which affects their results. At Dermapure, we make sure to offer you the most powerful yet safest technologies.

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    Treatment Areas

    All areas of the body and face that have hair can be treated with our permanent hair removal technologies. The most common areas include underarms, groin, legs (half or full), arms and upper lip. For our male clients, popular treatment areas include the chest, back and beard. One or more areas can be treated during the same session.

    Depending on the technology used, 6 to 10 consecutive treatments may be necessary to completely eliminate hair. Sessions should be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart, depending on the treatment area. It should be noted that shaving is permitted between sessions and the skin must be shaved before each appointment.

    At a Glance

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    Step by step: permanent hair removal session / 1:04

    Shaving the treatment area

    Ensuring that the skin is smooth before treatment begins takes just a few seconds. Your technician will use a razor to make sure that no hair interferes with the treatment area; this action also stimulates the pigment of the hair and helps avoid the risk of micro burns.

    Marking the treatment area

    Outlining the treatment area with a white cosmetic pencil serves as a guide for your technician. It helps ensure the entire surface is treated without going over the same area twice.

    Applying a protective gel

    At the start of each session, an aqueous protective gel is applied on the entire surface of the treatment area, helping the applicator slide smoothly and protecting the skin from burns. In addition, the gel increases comfort during the session by offering a refreshing contrast to the heat delivered by the applicator.

    Proper eye protection

    Protective eyewear helps protect eyes from light rays. While it is perfectly normal to perceive several flashes of light during the session, your eye protection ensures complete safety at all times.

    Setting device parameters

    Adjusting the parameters of the device is part of the treatment process. Since every person is unique, your technician will consider several factors when assessing your individual needs; including the treatment area, your phototype (skin colour) and the texture and colour of your hair. This is why a test is done a few days before your first complete session. The technician will ask for your hair to be visible then test a few pulses to ensure the best settings for your treatment.

    Starting the treatment

    Treatment begins as soon as the applicator touches the skin and delivers its energy to the treatment area. This process is repeated by gently and gradually sliding the tip over the entire area until it has been completely covered. With pulsed light, the treatment is practically painless; a sensation of diffused heat is felt, that on occasion can cause some patients to flinch slightly. With laser, the same heating effect is felt and the sensation of pinching is intensified. In both cases, temporary swelling around the hair follicles may appear immediately after treatment; this indicates a good response to the treatment.

    Cleaning and post-treatment specialty products

    When your session is over, the gel is removed and your skin is cleansed. To help calm the “warming” sensation felt after treatment and to help protect your skin, a hydrating cream is applied carefully to the entire treatment area, followed by a mineral sunscreen.

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    Cost of treatment

    We invite you to consult our price list in the clinic, during your initial consultation.

    Package options available!

    Follow-up care

    Once the sessions are completed, in some cases, a minimal annual maintenance is required before the summer season for a very few stubborn hairs that may have remained. Electrolysis for lighter hairs may be something to consider, as well.


    Pregnant or breastfeeding women should postpone this type of treatment, as well as anyone who has been exposed to the sun the month before and after each session. The use of tanning booths, self-tanning products or photosensitizing medication is prohibited as are waxing and tweezing.

    It should be noted that people with blonde, red or white hair cannot obtain satisfactory results.

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