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Skin Lesion Removal

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    Treatment & Technology

    Mole Removal

    Skin lesion removal encompasses various procedures designed to eliminate abnormal or unwanted growths on the skin’s surface. These procedures often include methods such as laser mole removal, excision, and minimally invasive surgical biopsies. Each technique serves the purpose of selectively removing different types of lesions, addressing concerns like moles, warts, skin tags, or other irregularities. The choice of procedure depends on factors such as the size, type, and location of the lesion, aiming to effectively extract or treat the affected area while minimizing scarring or damage to the surrounding skin.

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    Treatable Areas

    Treatment is available for both face and body, wherever concerns are present.

    What to Expect

    Warts Removal

    Assessment with Doctor

    Consultation with the doctor involves determining whether the skin condition is purely cosmetic or potentially suspicious, warranting a biopsy for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment planning.


    The removal technique is selected based on the initial diagnostic assessment.

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    Cost of treatment

    Starting at $495

    Follow-up and maintenance

    Follow-up is recommended within 6 to 8 weeks after the treatment. This session allows the healthcare provider to assess the treated area’s healing progress, address any concerns, and ensure the effectiveness of the intervention. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to discuss post-procedure care instructions and provide guidance on maintaining optimal skin health.


    There are no contraindications.

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