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SkinCeuticals Anti-Acne Facial

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    Treatment & technology

    Facial Skinceuticals in Sherbrooke

    The anti-acne facial is performed with SkinCeuticals products and deeply cleanses the skin to leave it exfoliated, moisturized and even.

    This treatment normalizes sebum production and has a deep cleansing action, which helps to brighten the complexion and improve the texture of the skin. The protocol includes a gentle peel and a mechanical exfoliation (scrub) using medical grade SkinCeuticals products customized to your skin’s needs. The dead skin cells will be removed and the pores will be cleansed, allowing the active products applied afterwards to better penetrate and act on your skin.

    This #gymforyourskin maintenance treatment is the perfect complement to acne treatment plans!

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    Anti-Acne Facial Treatment Areas

    The entire face is the area most often treated with the SkinCeuticals Anti-Acne Facial. However, it is possible to extend its application to the neck and décolleté; the back is also a popular treatment area, especially for improving the appearance of acne-prone skin.

    The session lasts about 45 minutes in the clinic to benefit from the full power and benefits of this treatment. Temporary localized or extensive redness as well as temporary peeling of the skin should be expected within 24 hours of the treatment.

    What to Expect

    Facial anti-acné Skinceuticals à sherbrooke

    Preliminary skin cleansing

    Thoroughly cleansing the skin with a toner gel is the natural first step in any rejuvenating treatment.

    Skin exfoliation

    Exfoliation of the surface layer of the skin using a personalized scrub. This type of exfoliation accelerates skin renewal, resulting in smoother skin, a brighter complexion and a reduction in the appearance of skin blemishes.

    Application of personalized serums

    The application of professional personalized SkinCeuticals products can provide your skin what it needs to prevent bacteria, control oil production and target specific skin needs.

    Final cleansing and hydration of the skin

    Applying a combo of effective anti-acne products provides the finishing touch to the treatment. Now is a great time to talk to your technician about your at-home routine and tailor it according to your skin’s needs.

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    Cost of Treatment

    $215 per treatment

    You can benefit from an even better price when purchasing multiple sessions.

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    Maintenance Treatment

    The SkinCeuticals Anti-Acne Facial is a maintenance treatment in itself. It should therefore be scheduled at least every change of season. A series of 5 to 6 sessions carried out every two weeks can also be considered to remove several layers of dead skin and thus improve the complexion and texture of the skin.


    There are no contraindications for the Anti-Acne Facial treatment.

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