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Intense pulsed light acne therapy

Intense pulsed light

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    Almost all of us have suffered the embarrassment of acne at one time or another in our lives. During puberty, hormones go into overdrive. More than 80% of teenagers develop some form of acne. It is one of the most common skin conditions caused by a disorder of the sebaceous follicles of the skin. Although for most it is a phase that clears up with time, some people continue suffering from acne breakouts due to excessive sebum production well into their adulthood. There could be many reasons: hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause), specific medications, certain cosmetic products, sun exposure, stress… Whatever the type or cause of acne… as the healthy glow goes away, so does our self-esteem.

    Dermapure believes that a comprehensive treatment plan is essential to restore the acne-prone skin to its smooth and healthy state. Daily use of adapted topical products and dietary supplements plays a key role in controlling acne breakouts and adds to the success of the proposed clinical procedure: IPL.





    Each person is unique and may react differently to the proposed treatment. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary.


    Treatment & technology

    Woman who has used a Rosacea treatment

    The IPL platform selected by Dermapure treats the visible signs of acne in just a few sessions. As an alternative to oral antibiotics that too often come with harsh side effects, the intense pulsed light therapy at specific wavelengths is one of the safest acne treatments available at this time, proven to be effective on mild to severe inflammatory acne.

    The advantage of IPL is that this technology utilizes a broad spectrum light source that could be used to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses (hair removal, acne, rosacea, age spots). Various cutoff filters are commonly used with the universal device handpiece to narrow the wavelengths to target specific penetration depths under the epidermis. For effective acne treatment, three filters are applied – 420 nm (blue light), 560 nm (yellow light) and 590 nm (red light) – each having a distinctive property, i.e. destroying the Proprionibacterium acnes bacteria, treating inflammatory acne lesions and inhibiting overactive sebaceous oil glands, respectively.

    Treatable Areas

    Intense pulsed light therapy can treat acne on the face area, including the cheeks, chin, and forehead. It can also be used for select areas of the body, such as the hands, chest, and back. During the session, patients wear dark glasses to protect their eyes.

    What to Expect

    Woman who has used a Rosacea treatment

    Initial Cleansing

    The first step is cleaning the skin before beginning treatment.

    Eye Protection

    To ensure your safety at all times and protect your eyes from light rays, protective eyewear, like small blackout goggles, will be provided.

    Protective Gel Application

    We apply a cooling gel over the targeted area. This gel helps the applicator glide over the skin’s surface, protects it from excessive heat, and improves overall comfort.

    Setting Device Parameters

    Your specialist will adjust the parameters on the IPL device according to your skin specific needs. Continual adjustment during treatment may be necessary to accommodate  your skin’s responses.

    Delivering The Treatment

    You may experience an initial pinching sensation, but rest assured, the treatment is not painful. The applicator seamlessly glides over your skin, creating a diffused heat feeling. 

    Cleaning and Post-Treatment Products

    After the session, we remove the gel and cleanse your skin. This includes using hydrating cream and mineral sunscreen to calm and protect the skin.

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    Cost of treatment

    $350 per session, for the entire face

    For body treatment, the price is determined on an individual basis

    Follow-up and maintenance

    Depending on each individual case, annual visits may be required to maintain the results. A customized skin health plan will be prepared following the treatment and may include glycolic peels or microdermabrasion.


    Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use IPL, as well as people who took Accutane in the last six months. Antibiotics that may cause light sensitivity should also be avoided. You should consult your pharmacist.

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