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Private Aesthetic Dermatology Service

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    Our private (not covered by the RAMQ) dermatology consultation program is offered with or without a physician referral.

    We offer diagnostic and treatment services for conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, skin rashes and skin allergies, scars, pigmentary disorders, screening, and surgical treatment of skin cancers.


    › Removal of acrochordons (skin tags)

    › Removal of benign tumors (seborrheic keratosis, angioma, dermofibroma, etc.)

    › Removal of benign tumors (seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo, etc.) by cryotherapy

    › Treatment via electrocautery for benign lesions (seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia, etc.)

    › Treatment of xanthelasma (fatty deposits) on the eyelids

    › Medical consultation in aesthetic dermatology

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    Service costs

    The cost for a consultation with a physician is $275.

    For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 1-877-252-0293 or fill out the appointment request form.

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