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Fotona Smooth Eye

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    Treatment & technology

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    The Smooth Eye treatment using Fotona’s SP Dynamis laser is a non-ablative treatment specifically designed to treat the eye area. It firms the upper and lower eyelids and also improves the radiance of the skin around the eyes, thus enhancing the look. Through controlled and gentle heat and its ability to reach deep skin tissues, Smooth Eye stimulates collagen production while providing a tightening effect.
    This technology makes it possible to precisely target the areas to be treated and to adapt its parameters according to the condition and type of the skin, as well as the extent of the damage to be treated.

    Take advantage of this treatment in your clinic

    Zones treatable by Fotona Smooth Eye lasers

    Specifically designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the firmness of the skin around the eyes, Fotona Smooth Eye was created to reduce the signs of skin aging in this sensitive and delicate area.

    However, it is recommended to have prior consultation with our team in order to discuss objectives and expectations openly. It is important to assess the treatment options, the number of sessions required, and the benefits and risks associated with each procedure.

    Session at a Glance


    Taking Pictures

    Taking a picture of your face prior to the treatment allows you to better visualize your needs, but also to measure the results before and after the treatment.

    Application of an anaesthetic gel

    Desensitizing the skin with lidocaine anesthetic gel will reduce discomfort during treatment as this is a delicate area where the skin is fragile. This product is applied and left on clean skin for about 1 hour before treatment to desensitize – temporarily – the area to be treated.

    Cleaning and disinfection of the skin

    Carefully removing all traces of gel, make-up and lipid film is an essential step before a Fotona laser session. It is important to disinfect the skin with alcohol as well in order to create a suitable and sterile canvas before the procedure begins.

    Energy delivery

    Feeling the laser light on your skin for the first time can be surprising! The eye area is a very sensitive area, so a slight discomfort may be felt.

    Application of adapted products

    It is not always necessary to apply a specific cream immediately after treatment. The post-treatment recommendations will be carefully communicated to you by our medical and technical team and must be strictly respected in order to allow the skin to recover properly and optimize the results of the treatment. After the treatment, people experience a slight “sunburn” effect for 24 to 48 hours. Dryness of the skin and slight peeling are possible for about 3-4 days. Good hydration of the eye contour area is then recommended. It is imperative to avoid the sun, make-up and any perfumed products until the epidermis has completely healed.

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    Cost of treatment

    Starting at $ 400 per treatment

    Maintenance treatment

    It is recommended to have a series of 3 treatments of
    Fotona Smooth Eye to obtain results.
    Optimal results are visible 3 to 4 months post-treatments.


    Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this type of treatment, as well as anyone who has received Accutane treatment in the past 6 months.
    Patients who have been exposed to the sun without sun protection in the 4 weeks preceding the treatment cannot receive it.

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