What is it?

Dark or pale skin, red or blond pigmentation, puberty or adulthood: each person has a unique hair type that changes over the course of their life!

Did you know?

A tiny muscle is attached to the base of each hair. When we get a chill, it contracts and increases our body temperature. That’s what’s behind the “goose bumps” effect. Another interesting fact: contrary to popular belief, shaving does not increase hair growth!

What are the causes?

Like cells, the functioning of the hair system is complex and unique to each person. It can be explained by three factors:


Abundant or sparse eyebrows, curly, voluminous or fine hair: our genetic heritage transmits our physical characteristics and the composition of our genes. The hair system is no exception, and as such, heredity explains the structure of our hair, including its colour and density. That’s why, for example, we perceive less abundant but above all lighter and more moderate hair growth in northern populations compared to Mediterranean populations.


Hormonal changes have a direct impact on hair, whether they are biological – such as pregnancy and puberty – or pathological – such as hyperandrogenism. Influenced by the level of hormones in the body, hairiness can therefore be normal or excessive. Too high a level of male hormones, a greater physiological sensitivity to them, or a decrease in female hormones (estrogens) as in the case of Stein-Leventhal syndrome – more commonly known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – or Cushing’s syndrome, can lead to a change in growth, pigmentation and hair density.


Some drugs tend to modify the hair system of individuals. Although everyone is more or less sensitive to them, use of glucocorticoid-based treatments – such as cortisone and hydrocortisone – but also cyclosporin, diazoxide, minoxidil, danazol or some anabolic steroids can lead to more significant hairiness.

How to prevent?

A natural condition since the beginning of time, there’s no preventing the appearance of hair. However, it is a common practice to control, reduce or even completely eliminate hair growth in affected regions using various techniques, including shaving, waxing, sugar depilation, electrolysis or, like at Dermapure, hair removal lasers.

How to treat?


Permanent hair removal

Les plateformes choisies par Dermapure pour l’épilation assurent l’élimination des poils en quelques séances. Deux méthodes sont proposées selon la clinique visitée : la lumière pulsée ou le laser. Ces deux technologies sont très similaires en ce qu’elles délivrent toutes les deux une lumière intense dans le follicule pileux. Lorsque cette lumière est absorbée par un poil vivant, elle est ensuite transformée en chaleur et détruit le bulbe du poil pour l’empêcher de repousser. Le traitement est d’une précision sans faille et offre des résultats à long terme, tant pour le visage que le corps.

Complementary products

Pre/Post Treatment 2 Cream

Crème pré et post traitement pour les vergetures

Ideal for pulsed light or laser hair removal, this cream strengthens and helps to repair the skin’s protective barrier. Rich in lipids, ceramides and omega-3 and 6, it provides long-lasting skin soothing and hydration.

Retexturing – Body Cream

Crème pour le relâchement du corps

This body lotion contains a unique blend of lipids as well as natural moisturizers and citrus oils that give the skin a soft, smooth and well hydrated appearance. Regular use brings softness and suppleness to the skin while reducing dry patches.

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