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Christina Zuleta

Nurse Practitioner with a Focus in Aesthetic Medicine in Parksville

Christina Zuleta possesses a comprehensive academic background and specialized training in medical aesthetics. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Nursing in 2006, she furthered her education, completing a Master’s in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner in 2020. Christina has pursued extensive education in medical aesthetics, acquiring certifications from Botox Canada, PTIFA, and the Canadian Board of Medical Aesthetics. Proficient in advanced neuromodulators and advanced filler techniques, she also attained Sclerotherapy certification and completed a Lip 8D course in 2023.

With a passion for helping individuals embrace their skin, face, and body, Christina finds joy in instilling confidence in her patients. Her initial interest in therapeutic neuromodulators, addressing concerns like migraines and hyperhidrosis, evolved into a fascination with facial anatomy and the diverse techniques available to deliver subtle, natural-looking results while accentuating individuals’ unique attributes.

Christina’s patient-centered approach emphasizes gradual, natural outcomes, focusing on the individual needs and desires of each patient. Describing herself as outgoing, approachable, kind, genuine, educated, and possessing a pragmatic sense, she prioritizes patient satisfaction and comfort.

As an active member of prestigious medical associations, Christina remains committed to continuous learning. She frequently engages in training courses, conferences. In her injection technique, Christina emphasizes working with each person’s unique anatomy to achieve natural outcomes, utilizing MD codes as a guiding principle, and prioritizing structural considerations.


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