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Dr. Carla Holinaty

Family Physician with a Focus on Aesthetic Medicine in Saskatoon

Dr. Carla Holinaty is a skilful physician with over a decade of experience, specializing in diverse medical areas. Initially focused on obstetrics, she transitioned into the field of gender affirming care after noticing the need within the community. In addition to Dermapure, Dr. Holinaty practices at the Academic Family Medicine unit in Saskatoon, where she offers comprehensive care, including minor surgical procedures. Her professional journey progressed into the realm of medical aesthetics, inspired by her association with Dr. McFadden in Saskatoon and a desire to infuse her work with renewed enthusiasm and creativity.

Passionate about the tangible impact of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Holinaty finds joy in the clinic’s vibrant environment, relishing the opportunity to blend her background in family medicine with the challenges of skin care and the pursuit of anti-aging solutions. Her patient-centric approach, bolstered by strong communication skills and a penchant for humor, creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for her patients.

Actively engaged in various medical associations, including the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, she stays current with evolving practices through conferences and educational events. Dr. Holinaty’s injection techniques are custom-tailored to meet individual patient needs and expectations, reflecting her adaptable and patient-focused ethos.

Dr. Carla Holinaty at Dermapure Saskatoon


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