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Dr. Lyn Pascoe

Family Physician & Medical Director in Cowichan

Dr. Lyn Pascoe brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of medical aesthetics with a background spanning over four decades as a Family Physician and medical aesthetics professional. Throughout her journey, Dr. Pascoe has honed her skills through training with esteemed Aesthetic Physicians, including Dr. De Maio, and has achieved specialization in treating Chronic Migraine through Therapeutic Botox.

Driven by her patients’ interests, Dr. Pascoe ventured into the field of medical aesthetics two decades ago. Her approach with patients is characterized by meticulous step-by-step guidance. Beginning with comprehensive consultations to assess individual needs, she crafts personalized plans encompassing skincare solutions tailored to specific concerns, cutting-edge technologies to address issues, and injectables when appropriate. Her holistic approach facilitates clients in achieving radiant skin and a naturally refreshed appearance.

Dr. Pascoe is a dedicated member of notable medical associations including AMNI and Doctors of BC. Her injection technique is a testament to her commitment to excellence, as she adheres to MD Codes while infusing her own distinctive techniques as necessary.

Dr. Lyn Pascoe at Dermapure Cowichan (Formerly Viva Medical Aesthetics)

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