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Dr. Mehwish Hanif

Family Physician with a Focus in Aesthetic Medicine in Calgary Downtown

Dr. Mehwish Hanif, a board-certified Family Physician specializing in Aesthetic Medicine, brings a holistic approach to patient care. Graduating from the University of Calgary Medical School and completing her Family Medicine residency, she received prestigious awards, including the CFPC Medical Student Leadership Award and the ACFP Outstanding New Professional Award. Dr. Hanif’s passion lies in skin wellness, aesthetic procedures, and women’s health, seamlessly blending medical precision with aesthetic creativity.

Driven by a commitment to enhancing her patients’ well-being, Dr. Hanif finds joy in rejuvenating natural beauty and bolstering self-confidence. She prioritizes compassionate, individualized care, forging trusting relationships with her patients and prioritizing their overall wellness. Emphasizing quality and safety in aesthetic procedures, she employs a meticulous injection technique, incorporating methodologies like MD Codes and PHI principles. Dedicated to ongoing education, Dr. Hanif actively participates in conferences and training courses to ensure her patients receive the highest standards of care.

As a member of several esteemed medical associations, including the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and the Canadian Medical Association, Dr. Hanif remains steadfast in her commitment to excellence, delivering natural-looking results that align with her patients’ unique needs and aspirations.


Calgary Downtown
(ReNue Downtown) Clinic


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