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Julie Mellon

Registered Nurse
in Fort McMurray

Julie Mellon, a dedicated Registered Nurse (RN), was the first nurse to join the clinic alongside Dr. Hibbitts when it was founded in 2015. With over 8 years of experience working closely with Dr. Hibbitts and the expanding team, Julie has evolved into an expert, drawing knowledge from a vast array of industry professionals.

Julie’s nursing career began in 2010 in the fast-paced environment of the emergency room. From there she began working in cosmetic surgery, where she found fulfillment in surgical consultations and in assisting patients pre and post operation.

In her extensive 8-year tenure in aesthetic medicine, Julie has attended numerous medical conferences and hands-on labs, driven by her continuous desire for knowledge. Her fascination with human anatomy plays a pivotal role in achieving natural results, a philosophy she consistently upholds. Julie’s unwavering commitment to continual growth and mastery has molded her into a nurse known for bringing a blend of expertise and enthusiasm to every aspect of her work.

Julie is not only a leader in her field but also an exceptional care provider. Her warm and welcoming nature mirrors her love for connecting with people, making her an ideal guide for those seeking holistic care and guidance at Dermapure.

Julie Mellon


Fort McMurray YMM Clinic


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