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Fall in love with Clear & Brilliant® and Permea®

November 11, 2019


Clear and Brilliant and Permea treatments

Dermapure is proud to announce the arrival of a brand-new technology available in some of our clinics. Say yes to the favourite treatment of our Founder Marilyne Gagné: Clear and Brilliant® and Permea®!

What technology is used?

Clear & Brilliant® and Permea® both use the same technology: a non-ablative fractionnel laser, but of different wavelengths – to target different layers of the skin.

Permea® targets the skin surface (1440 nm) while Clear & Brilliant® treats the deeper layers of the skin with its 1927 nm wavelength. Depending on your skin needs, Dermapure professionals will guide you in your choice between these two treatments.

What is Permea®?
The Permea® laser is a mini fractionated laser that improves complexion and texture during the same session. A very powerful exfoliating treatment, it is loved by microdermabrasion enthusiasts and allows cosmeceuticals to penetrate 17 times more than when applied regularly…for optimal hydration!

What is Clear & Brilliant®?
Clear & Brilliant® effectively tightens dilated pores, softens fine lines and wrinkles, and improves skin tone, texture and complexion. This treatment can be done alone, or as a 4-session treatment.

Why choose Clear & Brilliant® and Permea®?

With less down time than other deeper lasers such as Fraxel®, Clear & Brilliant® and Permea® are ideal for busy schedules: with session lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour, we can fit in our favorite treatment at the end of a day!

Clear & Brilliant® and Permea® in short

We choose Permea® to: :
> Reduce the appearance of pigment spots
> Provides deeper hydratation for a softer skin

We choose Clear & Brilliant® to:
> Refine the skin texture
> Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

We love them for:
> Their versatility
> No down time
> Deep skin hydration

When will you try them?


The team is waiting for you!
Would you like to enjoy the Dermapure experience for your Clear & Brilliant® and Permea®?
Book your appointment today : 1 877-781-1811

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