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Welcome to
Dermapure Blainville

Meet our medical team

Dr. Marie Andrée LeBlanc

General practitioner
in Blainville & Mont-Tremblant

Audrey Lampron

Aesthetic Medicine Nurse
in Blainville

Marie-Madeleine Meyer

Aesthetic Medicine Nurse
in Blainville, Mont-Tremblant & Saint-Sauveur

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Équipe Dermapure Blainville

Blainville Clinic

A brief history

Dermapure is proud of its partnership with MED Esthétique and LeBlanc Médecine Esthétique. The two clinics have joined forces to offer superior quality services under the same roof as a Dermapure clinic.

Located in Blainville, this newly renovated clinic has eight spacious and modern treatment rooms and offers state-of-the-art care and services.

Louise St-Aubin, nurse in aesthetic medicine and founder of MED Esthétique, Dr. Marie Andrée LeBlanc, ominipratician and founder of LeBlanc Médecine Esthétique and Dr. Marilou De Champlain make up a solid and experienced trio supported by a passionate clinic team determined to offer their patients the most enjoyable experience ever.

All doctors practicing in Dermapure Blainville offer the MD Codes injection technique which respects a high level of professional rigor and whose objective is a personalized, natural and enhancing treatment of the face according to its aging.

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