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The partnership between The Medspa at Oshun House and Dermapure

After many years of working as a family physician, Dr. Laura Lee McFadden decided to pursue her passion of aesthetic medicine. Combining this passion with a desire to contribute to the community, she created the Medspa at Oshun House.

Since its establishment in 2008, the clinic has flourished and has become a leading name in Saskatchewan’s cosmetic medicine community. With a philosophy that beauty goes beyond skin deep, The Medspa’s focus has always been on empowering individuals to achieve the best version of themselves. Utilizing an educational approach,Oshun House’s staff ensures clear and thorough communication between technician and client. The patient receives a complete overview of the treatment required to achieve optimal individual results.

As an injection trainer for Allergan, Dr. Laura Lee McFadden stays apprised of the latest non-surgical rejuvenation techniques and trends and her team benefits from this.

Now after 10 years, with the support of her talented medical team and specialized technicians, Dr. McFadden has partnered with Dermapure Group so she can pursue her aesthetic ambitions to a higher level, while offering new and exciting services that will elevate the aesthetic medicine industry in Saskatchewan.

Dr. Laura Lee McFadden, Family Physician, offers the MD Codes injection technique which requires a high professional standard and aims to treat the face holistically, giving consistent, personalized and natural-looking results.

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