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Dermapure Saint-Lambert

Meet our medical team

Dr. Marie-Christine Roy

in Saint-Lambert

Dr. Lan C. Nguyen

General Practitioner
in Saint-Lambert

Dr. Nadia Hagenimana

Otorhinolaryngologist, head & neck surgeon in Sherbrooke
& Saint-Lambert

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Saint-Lambert Clinic

The partnership between Dr. Marie-Christine Roy and Dermapure

Dermapure Saint-Lambert resulted from the partnership between Dermapure and well known dermatologist Dr. Marie-Christine Roy. Dr. Roy brings 20 years of clinical experience to this partnership.

A leader in the field, in both laser care and injection care, Dr. Roy has built a national reputation and has set the standard on the south shore when it comes to laser treatments.

In 2016, she joined the Dermapure team, providing services out of the Dermapure Saint-Lambert clinic, allowing it to offer a wider range of treatments and serve a larger clientele.

Dr. Lan C. Nguyen, a general practitioner, specializing in rejuvenation injections and laser treatment for blemishes and rosacea, joined the Dermapure team in 2017. In 2018, one additional member was added to the team. Dr. Valérie Dagenais, a general practitioner, joined to help supply the growing demand for rejuvenating injections.

All doctors practicing in Saint-Lambert offer the MD Codes injection technique which requires a high professional standard and aims to treat the face holistically, giving consistent, personalized and natural-looking results.

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