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General Practitioner
in Kelowna

Dr. Anita Sanan

Anesthesiologist in Kelowna

Dr. John Mah

General Practitioner in Kelowna

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Kelowna Clinic

The partnership between Restore Vein & Skin Centre and Dermapure

Dr. Mandy Wong has been working in the field of aesthetic medicine and venous disease for over 15 years, gaining additional expertise in skin cancer along the way. In November of 2015 she opened Restore Vein & Skin Centre with a focus on medical aesthetics, treatment of varicose veins and other skin concerns. The clinic boasts an accredited, state-of-the-art non-hospital medical and surgical centre.

Channeled by her interest in research and quest for knowledge, Dr. Wong continues to dedicate herself to continued education and training in order to maintain her status as an expert in her chosen fields of practice. Her goal is to provide her patients with an evidence-based approach to treatments with proven results and the highest level of safety.

Dr. Mandy Wong is known for her passion in her areas of interest, providing great patient care with an emphasis on improvement in quality of life and natural looking results. She has the support of many specialized nurses and technicians who are experts in their field and have worked with her for many years.

She is thrilled to partner with Dermapure because they share the same culture. A high level of education and expertise are paramount to produce excellent results. Integrity is also vital and patients understand that treatments performed on them are done with their best interests at heart.

Dr Mandy Wong, General Physician, offers MD codes injection techniques which require a high professional standard and aims to treat the face holistically, giving consistent, personalized and natural-looking results.

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Capri Centre, 288 - 1835, Gordon Drive, Kelowna,
BC, V1Y 3H5

On-site parking adjacent to Capri Center

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    Kelowna Clinic

    Capri Centre, 288 - 1835, Gordon Drive, Kelowna,
    BC, V1Y 3H5