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Welcome to
Dermapure Fort McMurray YMM

Meet our medical team

Dr. Erin Hibbitts

Cosmetic Physician
in Fort McMurray

Genevieve Buckle

Registered Nurse Injector
in Fort McMurray

Kortnie MacDougall

Registered Nurse
in Fort McMurray

Julie Mellon

Registered Nurse
in Fort McMurray

Lorna Crewe

Nurse Injector
in Fort McMurray

Lindsay Tainsh

Registered Nurse Injector
in Fort McMurray

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Dermapure Fort McMurray team

Fort McMurray YMM Clinic

The partnershipYMM Cosmetic & Laser Clinic becomes Dermapure Fort McMurray

Our YMM Cosmetic Story:

Established in 2015, Dermapure Fort McMurray (formerly YMM Cosmetic & Laser Clinic) stands as a catalyst for community transformation. Founded by Dr. Erin Hibbitts, a dedicated family physician, the clinic mission has always been to redefine the frontiers of medical beauty and self-assurance.

Dr. Hibbitts’ journey began in 2010 with an independent practice and started gaining momentum after relocating to Fort McMurray. The fusion of medical expertise and interest in cosmetic dermatology propelled her to explore innovative paths, including a comprehensive Diploma in Dermatology in 2017.

Dermapure Fort McMurray’s core conviction is that authentic beauty spans diverse expressions. Tailored consultations and ongoing education uncover innovative methods, shaping each client’s unique vision. Since 2015, the clinic has evolved into a premier medical aesthetic hub with community engagement, committed staff, and a mission to empower and redefine beauty.

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