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7 December 2022

How Heal Chapped Lips

In the online article Dr. Weksberg, dermatologist at Dermapure, explains the phenomenon of chapped lips in winter and gives advice to prevent it. The Skinceuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair is also featured as an expert-recommended lip balm!

28 October 2022

Fall Beauty Trends

Every new season brings its own trends! In this article on fall beauty trends, Functionalab’s Anti-Spot Serum is featured. Read about it in the October issue of Canadian Living!

23 August 2021

Education at the Forefront: Dr. John Arlette is a champion for personal development and learning

Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. John Arlette featured in the Calgary Foundation summer 2021 Spur magazine for the philanthropic work that has been possible through the Arlette Education Fund, established by Dr. Arlette 30 years ago.

23 August 2021

How to protect yourself against skin cancer and premature aging

Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. John Arlette featured in the Calgary Herald, sharing his sun safety recommendations.

19 August 2021

Summer Skincare at Dermapure

Dermapure Calgary on CTV Morning Live, sharing everything you need to know about Summer skincare. 

19 August 2021

The Perimenopause Roller Coaster

In this issue, Canadian Living takes a look at perimenopause and the characteristics surrounding this inevitable phenomenon.As experts, our Director of Research and Development at Functionalab, Nathalie Pelletier, and the President of Dermapure, Marilyne Gagné, discuss solutions.

18 August 2021

Goodbye, hair!

Just in time for summer, Canadian Living magazine makes the point about the fuzz. As a guest expert, Marilyne Gagné, president and founder of Dermapure clinics, shares her best advice on various hair removal practices. 

18 February 2021

Skin Solutions at Dermapure

Dermapure Calgary offers expert advice when it comes to looking and feeling your best in 2021.

18 February 2021

Cutting Edge Skin Care

The experts at Dermapure Calgary use cutting edge technology for skin treatments including fillers, and other rejuvenation options.

18 February 2021

Gym for your Skin at Dermapure

The experts at Dermapure Calgary guide patients to the best treatments and products for their unique skin needs

18 February 2021

Beach Body Ready

Sculpt your Silhouette with CoolSculpting with guidance from the experts at Dermapure Calgary

1 February 2021

You Glow Girl !

In this winter issue, Canadian Living gives us its best tips for a glowing and radiant skin. And when it comes to healthy skin, prevention is the key. And yes, it all starts with a good sun protection !

26 January 2021

Style Q&A: Canadian company’s clinics offer a ‘gym for your skin’

Dermapure is recognized as the Gym for the Skin! This is illustrated in this interview between the Vancouver Sun and our President and Founder, Marilyne Gagné. Read the article to find out more about our clinics across the country and our exclusive cosmeceutical line.

17 September 2020

Just In : Functionalab Redness Reducer Serum

The Calgary Herald tester tried the Functionalab Redness Reducer Serum and the result is very clear:  this serum, that contains active ingredients leaves the skin soothed. Read the entire article to know more.

2 July 2020


How to take advantage of the sun while preserving our skin health? Discover the 5 golden rules to live by, the products to adopt and the advice of our expert Nathalie Pelletier, Director of Research and Development, Scientific Affairs.

26 June 2020

5 Dermatologists Share Their Quarantine Skin-Care Routines

Dr. Frances Jang, Dermatologist & Physician Injector, featured in REFINERY29 ! She shares her quarantine skin-care routine from morning to evening!

1 June 2020

Décolletage Defense!

Our exclusive Functionalab brand is featured in Canadian Living as a high-performance product for anti-aging care of your décolletage!

8 May 2020

Collagen: A Deep Dive Into A Beauty Buzzword

Dr. Adelyn Ho, Plastic Surgeon and Physician Injector at Dermapure Vancouver, demystifies collagen on Vitruvi’s blog. Learn all about collagen, what it does, what it’s made of and much more!

26 March 2020

What to Consider Before Microneedling At Home

Dr. Frances Jang featured in FLARE! Dermatologist & Physician Injector, Dr. Jang shares her advice about dermarolling at home.

27 September 2018

Beauty Meets Innovation

Dr.Jang, Dermatologist and Injection specialist talks about innovative solutions to ageing and beauty dilemmas. Skin hydration with Hyaluronic acid injections and Ultherapy are among her must-have game changers!

7 April 2016

Thermage: Expert Advice

Expertly consulted by the editorial team, Dermapure offers Thermage treatment as the best brake on aging. Once a year, naturally stimulate the body to produce 10 times more collagen!