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Dermapure Quebec Ste-Foy

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Dr. Marie-Pierre Roy

General Practitioner
in Quebec city and Beauport

Dr. Geneviève Thérien

in Quebec City

Dr. Guy Chamberland

General Practitioner in Quebec City and Chicoutimi

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Quebec Ste-Foy Clinic

The partnership between De Vinci et Dermapure

In 2011, Dermapure made its way to the provincial capital region of Quebec, quickly establishing a positive reputation with clientele and in 2014, paving the way to a partnership with well known dermatological clinic, De Vinci. This partnership welcomed three exciting new members to the Dermapure team, Dr. Jean Boulanger, dermatologist and pioneer in medical laser procedures, Dr. Martine Lehoux, general practitioner and an expert the field of medical aesthetics, as well as Dr. Geneviève Thérien, a dermatologist specializing in non-surgical rejuvenation techniques.

This partnership lead to Dermapure acquiring a more modern and specious location, on the 2nd floor of a contemporary building in the Quartier Sainte-Foy. With 12 care rooms, as well as a storefront in the downstairs waiting area, this new facility has been able to support the continued growth of the clientele.

Two new members joined in 2016; Dr. Guy Chamberland, a general practitioner renowned for his knowledge of advanced injection and laser techniques, and dermatologist Hélène Varela, known for her platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP) which stimulate hair growth.

To date, in Quebec, the Ste Foy clinic is by far the largest and has the highest number of staff, catering to four specialized fields.

All doctors practicing in Quebec offer the MD Codes injection technique which requires a high professional standard and aims to treat the face holistically, giving consistent, personalized and natural-looking results.

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