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Improve your complexion and texture

Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa®

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    Treatment & technology

    technologie clear and brilliantmd

    The Clear + Brilliant® non-ablative fractionated mini laser improves the overall quality of the skin. It allows us to treat the color, texture and tone of the skin in the same treatment. It can be done on all skin types and does not take into account tanning.

    This laser has 2 different wavelengths: Perméa® is more superficial (1927 nm) and Clear + Brilliant® deeper (1440 nm). Depending on skin needs, Dermapure professionals will guide you in your choice between these two treatments.

    This laser technology creates subcutaneous micro-perforations to generate the natural healing and repair process of the skin. It thus increases the production of new skin cells and stimulates collagen production.

    PERMÉA®: A powerful exfoliation!
    Objectives: complexion and texture

    > Reduces the appearance of pigment spots
    > Provides deeper hydratation for softer skin

    Perméa® is the favourite treatment of our founder Marilyne Gagné!
    It is loved by patients who are used to microdermabrasion because it provides a much more powerful exfoliation. Thus, it allows cosmeceuticals to penetrate well into the skin for deep hydration. Moreover, when Functionalab Ellagic C+ serum is applied during treatment, penetration is immediate and increased by 17 times more than regular exfoliation !
    Perméa® can be done alone or as a 4-session treatment.

    CLEAR + BRILLIANT®: A complete treatment!
    Objectives: texture, tone and complexion

    > Refines the skin texture
    > Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

    With its longer wavelength, Clear + Brilliant® treats deeper skin layers than Perméa®. It effectively tightens dilated pores, softens wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin tone, texture and complexion. This treatment can be done alone, or as a 4-session treatment.
    Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® are established as gentle alternatives to other more powerful fractionated lasers such as Fraxel®, in order to refine skin texture, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of stains and wrinkles.

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    Zones treatable by Clear + Brilliant® & Perméa®

    Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® are specifically designed to treat the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

    What to Expect

    Clear & Brillant MD et Permea

    Taking photographs

    Taking a picture before your Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® treatments allows you to better visualize the progress before/after the treatment.

    Application of an anesthetic gel for Clear + Brilliant® treatment

    Desensitizing the skin with lidocaine anesthetic gel will reduce discomfort during your Clear + Brilliant® treatment. This product is applied and left on clean skin for about 20 minutes prior to treatment. The application of anesthetic gel for your Perméa® treatment is not necessary since this treatment is more superficial.

    Cleansing and disinfecting the skin

    Carefully removing all traces of gel, makeup and lipid film is an essential step before your Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® treatments. It is important to disinfect the skin with alcohol to create a suitable and sterile canvas before the procedure begins.

    Adequate eye protection

    Protective eyewear may be required to provide adequate eye protection in the event of light emission. It is normal to see a few flashes of light throughout the treatment. Once well protected, your eyes are safe and have nothing to worry about.

    Start of treatment

    Applying the applicator to the skin of the target area and discharging the energy onto the surface signals the beginning of the treatment. Feeling the laser light on your skin can be unpleasant. It is normal to feel slight pinching and a heat effect during treatment.

    Application of adapted products

    Apply a thin layer of Aquafor for the first 4 hours. Post-treatment recommendations must be strictly followed for the skin to recover properly.

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    Cost of treatment


    The price may vary depending on the areas of the body treated.
    It is possible to benefit from a favorable price with the purchase of several sessions. Ask your clinic!

    Maintenance treatment

    The treated area must be adequately protected from the sun for 6 months following treatment. The results are progressive: in a week or two, the skin will be softer and more radiant.

    Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® treatments offer visible results. In a series of treatments, the sessions are spaced 4 weeks apart to gradually achieve the targeted texture and complexion objectives.


    Pregnant or breastfeeding women should delay this type of treatment, as well as anyone who has received Accutane treatment in the past 2 months.
    Patients who have been exposed to the sun without sun protection within 7 days before the treatment date will not be able to receive it.

    Produits Functionalab

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What skin concerns can Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® address, and can these treatments be performed on all skin types, regardless of tanning?

    Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® can target a range of skin concerns while being safe and effective for all skin types, including tanned skin.

    The Clear + Brilliant® wavelength can improve overall skin quality, addressing issues like texture, tone, wrinkles, fine lines, and complexion, resulting in a revitalized and refreshed appearance. On the other hand, Perméa® offers potent exfoliation benefits, effectively tackling pigment spots while providing deeper hydration to the skin, promoting a more radiant and even complexion.

    How do the two wavelengths, Perméa® (1927 nm) and Clear + Brilliant® (1440 nm), work differently, and how are they chosen based on individual skin needs?

    Perméa® (1927 nm) offers superficial exfoliation, reducing pigment spots and enhancing hydration. Clear + Brilliant® (1440 nm) penetrates deeper, refining texture, reducing wrinkles, and improving overall complexion. The choice depends on skin concerns and desired outcomes. Dermapure’s highly experienced physicians will assess factors like skin type, depth of treatment needed, and specific concerns to tailor the most effective solution for each patient.

    What are the specific objectives of Perméa®, and how does it reduce the appearance of pigment spots and provide deep hydration for softer skin?

    Perméa® aims to enhance complexion and texture by targeting pigment spots and improving skin hydration. Using a 1927 nm wavelength, Perméa® facilitates powerful exfoliation, effectively reducing the appearance of pigment spots. Additionally, the treatment allows for better penetration of cosmeceuticals, such as Functionalab Ellagic C+ serum, promoting deep hydration for softer, smoother skin. 

    What are the objectives of Clear + Brilliant®, and how does it work?

    Clear + Brilliant® enhances overall skin quality. This objective includes refining skin texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin tone and complexion. Using a 1440 nm wavelength, Clear + Brilliant® penetrates deeper into the skin layers, stimulating collagen production and promoting the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This results in smoother, more youthful-looking skin with reduced imperfections and a more even tone. 

    Are Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® suitable for individuals who have previously undergone microdermabrasion, and how do they compare in terms of exfoliation and cosmeceutical penetration?

    Yes, both Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® are suitable for patients with prior microdermabrasion experience. While microdermabrasion offers exfoliation, Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa® provide a more effective solution with their laser technology. Due to the powerful exfoliation of Perméa® and targeting of deeper skin layers with Clear + Brilliant®, both treatments offer more enhanced exfoliation and cosmeceutical absorption than microdermabrasion.